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Anti-spam Technology

Anti-spam technology refers to services and solutions that aim at blocking and then mitigating the effects of illegal emails, also known as spam, on email users. This goal is achieved by incorporating different types of anti-spam systems with the email systems of a number of email and Internet service providers (ISP).

Modern anti-spam technology is available with a broad range of scanners, filters and several other types of applications. A few anti-spam services operate from a statistical method, whereas others use predictive or heuristics algorithms. In order to categorize emails in refined ways, anti-spam service providers can, in fact, monitor IP addresses, email signatures or other data, which decreases spam.

Spam is accompanied by huge amounts of damage such as loss of money, bandwidth and time, including the fact that along with deleting junk emails you could land up deleting a legitimate message. Thus, an anti-spam filter is indeed a key requirement for basically all PC users who actively make use of their emails.

Main Features of a Good Anti-spam Filter

The following key features will help you select the best anti-spam filter for a business:

  • It should be an independent spam filtering tool capable of checking all incoming emails on the server, followed by detecting and deleting spam messages.
  • It should have the Bayesian filter in its arsenal of spam filtering tools.
  • Powerful antispam filters built in one program that studies the message from “outside” and “inside”: message body, message header, and message source. It is easy to both edit and update the flexible whitelist and blacklist, and they are extremely useful as they help in saving a lot of time when emails are being filtered.
  • Delete spam without receiving it in your inbox in order to prevent you from downloading all the superfluous kilobytes into your inbox and you will never get to see any irritating spam mail.
  • A good anti-spam software should have a flexible spam filtering feature. It should be able to move spam emails to a separate folder and provide the potential to recover an email if it was unintentionally marked as spam and then trashed.
  • Safe and easy method for previewing emails marked as spam. Antispam technology is inherited with the fact that there will be false positives and false negatives, meaning that there could be emails flagged as spam though it is not actually a spam and vice versa.

Taking into account all these above-mentioned features, an anti-spam program should thus be a standalone, easy-to-use software featuring powerful anti-spam filters capable of being adjusted by all users based on their personal requirements. All these features will help you to choose the anti-spam filter for your business and one such filter is Comodo Dome Antispam.

Comodo Dome Antispam

Comodo Dome Antispam has proved to be an enterprise antispam and threat prevention system whose stable filtering restores bandwidth that was lost because of unsolicited email traffic, thus decreasing the load on your email server. It helps in filtering unwanted traffic prior to reaching your network and eventually retaining the email you want.


A number of anti-spam filters allow the spam emails to be kept for a few days. This helps you to ensure that no useful emails are being deleted along with the junk mails. Anti-spam software and programs can be customized according to your personal needs and you will be able to produce a blacklist of email addresses that frequently send you spam. All the email addresses of your important associates are contained in a whitelist. Spam filtering thus helps business employees to save time by preventing them from going through many emails in order to decide which ones are spams.

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