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Endpoint SecurityJean had a problem, she was managing over 200 endpoints and had no visual way to distinguish what devices were compliant, or even worse, had malware. To complicate matters, her current endpoint manager used antiquated black listing technology that left her vulnerable to zero-day threats and advanced persistent threats.

Then it happened that an unsuspecting email passed through their edge and primary firewalls, as well as their malware scanning appliances, to land on the desk of an unsuspecting CFO. The CFO recognized the recipient and with that their network was down. The malware was designed to capture and retrieve sensitive client details with speed, stealth and efficiency. It quickly spread to supporting machines and devices causing wide spread data loss and compromised company data. By the time the threat was recognized and detected by the company’s endpoint protection it was close to 2 hours later and had already caused over 3 million dollars in damage.

When Jean called their Endpoint Security vendor to report the threat, they happily offered to sell her consulting hours to secure their network, but offered no true explanation to why the breach occurred in the first place. In fact, their only explanation was that it was an “anomaly.”

A 3 million dollar anomaly in which the company is still recovering from.

Immediately following the breach, Jean and her team of IT professionals began searching for a replacement solution to meet their needs and to make sure that a threat like this would never happen again.

Endpoint SecurityIn steps Comodo. With Comodo’s Endpoint Security manager each of the clients challenges were met. First with the visual display, Comodo enabled the IT team to visually monitor endpoint status and clearly understand and recognize threats as they happen. Secondly, Comodo’s industry leading default deny technology allowed for each file entering the network to be scanned and by default be denied access to vital system resources until the file was proven to be safe or deleted depending on the true nature of the file. This technology would have caught the true intention of the email attachment and would not have allowed it to spread through the network. Finally, we offered the company an industry leading $5000 guarantee against infections and threats. This states that if Comodo cannot guarantee or remove the threat from a customer’s endpoint, Comodo will pay the customer $5000.00. We are truly putting our money where our mouth is.

We are happy to report that after implementing ESM v3.0 Jean and her 200 endpoints are healthy and doing just fine.

Should you wish to take charge of your Endpoint’s protections, Comodo Endpoint Security Manager deserves inclusion in your security toolbox.

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