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When we think of hackers, data breaches, and malware, certain cyber security brands may come to mind to counter the fear and anxiety caused by these threats.

Although it’s easy to name several brands operating in the cyber security space, how do you know which company is best for you? What particular characteristics of a cyber security provider set it apart from its competitors?

Here are five qualities that distinguish the best-in-class cyber security companies:

1. Top Cybersecurity Companies Constantly Innovate

The 21st-century digital landscape serves as a backdrop to an arms race between cyber security companies and cybercriminals. Malware engineers constantly improving their malware creating thousands upon thousands of new malware every single day. Threat labs may encounter 200,000 new samples of these potentially unwanted applications in the span of 24 hours. Cybercriminals have started weaponizing artificial intelligence and including it in their malicious applications as seen in the case of DeepLocker.

Because of the rise of these threats, the first and possibly the most important quality of a top cybersecurity company is its drive for innovation and its commitment to constantly search for new approaches to combat malware and cybercrime. Comodo Cybersecurity constantly searches for newer and newer paradigms to fighting malicious applications like using a Default Deny Approach or methods like the use of AutoContainment to render malware useless.

2. Top Cybersecurity Companies Always Research Their Enemies

Cybersecurity companies need to take stock of the various threat actors that might come into conflict with their customers’ interests. Organizations like Comodo, FireEye and TrendMicro all track various cybercriminal groups and perform investigations on the nature of their activities to keep abreast of what technologies they are hatching. Without this form of high-level threat research, companies will find it hard to cope with the latest methods of attack and the nature of threats coming out of the worst places on the Internet.

3. Top Cybersecurity Companies Focus on Customer Success

Since cyber-attacks, malware, and data breaches threaten the continuity of businesses, cybersecurity has become essential for business success. Because of the complexities surrounding the field and the ever-increasing difficulties of interfacing with technology not all companies and individuals invest in cybersecurity.

Leading cybersecurity companies go out of their way to make sure their customers understand the means of achieving success and possess the necessary tools for it. They develop products depending on the needs of each subset of their customers. Business customers receive enterprise solutions while casual users can download free applications like antiviruses and malware.

These companies also meet their customers wherever their journeys may be and help them succeed in their endeavors. Comodo Cybersecurity, for example, launched cWatch, a platform and service which removes malware from websites to help small businesses remediate infections from their sites.

4. Top Cybersecurity Companies Invest in Talent and Technical Skills

Of course, it’s a given that cybersecurity companies need the best personnel for the job. Only the brightest programmers and cybersecurity researchers can confront the most cunning cybercriminals. The task of breaking down and simplifying complex technology into something the average consumer can use requires talent. Without cutting-edge skills, cybersecurity companies will flounder.

5. Top Cybersecurity Companies Empower Industries

The best cybersecurity companies empower other industries to protect themselves against threats. They develop packaged solutions for banks to protect them from hackers and breaches. These enterprises help hospitals secure their patients’ records. Some of them deploy solutions that protect online services from DDOS attacks. These companies understand that their work supports the success of so many other businesses and they make sure they develop the appropriate programs for these clients.

With the increase of technology comes the increase in complexity of the threats. This is why organizations need to find the cybersecurity company that best protects their business from current and emerging threats.

Comodo Cybersecurity is a leading solutions provider for enterprise-level cybersecurity needs. We design solutions, from the Comodo Antivirus to the advanced cloud-based threat detection system called Valkyrie, to work in concert to defend businesses from malware and zero-day threats.

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