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Ransomware is a dilemma that we have been facing for quite some time now. However, in 2020, we have seen a significant rise in the total number and variety of ransomware attacks. This latest ransomware boom is most probably the outcome of organized cyber-criminal networks recognizing the revenue-generating potential of this ‘business model’—amounting to over a billion dollars globally.

The logic is straightforward: steal something of value from someone and then demand money for its return. Today, this is a serious problem affecting individuals and businesses across the globe. It is not that these people and companies do not have any cybersecurity solutions in place for their protection. Most of them do; it is just that these solutions are being breached at a rapid pace.

One company that faced this problem and decided it was time for change is TicTac Data Recovery & Cyber Security. Based in Greece, TicTac is the first and largest data recovery company in Greece. The company specializes in the recovery and restoration of inaccessible data from compromised storage media. From 2017 until present, the company’s incident response team has successfully handled multiple ransomware incidents worldwide, helping clients to secure their businesses against cyberattacks in the process.

“Data is the lifeblood of any business. The services we provide are directly related to data: from recovery to protection and backup and general protection of files from digital threats and other risks of data loss. We handle thousands of data recovery cases each year, achieving a 95% recovery success rate, to our clients’ great satisfaction,” says Panagiotis Pierros, the Managing Director at TicTac Data Recovery & Cyber Security.

The Company’s Ransomware Problem
Despite having a specialized incident respond team, the company has seen many of its anti-virus protections and endpoints being breached in the recent past. The biggest challenge for TicTac Data Recovery & Cyber Security was to find a way to confront the ransomware problem and contain it. “Our company handles ransomware incident response all around the world, and we found instances where our previous antivirus vendor had been compromised by ransomware attacks,” Confirmed Pierros.

How Comodo’s Dragon Platform is Helping TicTac Beat Ransomware
Comodo is helping TicTac by offering ransomware protection to its customers. The previous endpoint protection vendors of TicTac were dropped because it was compromised by ransomware.

Comodo’s Dragon Platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) is a patent-pending auto containment technology with active breach protection that neutralizes ransomware, malware and cyber-attacks. TicTac trusted Comodo’s Dragon Platform because the company saw it as the best solution to confront the ransomware problem, especially with the auto-containment feature. This is something that is helping the company a lot in their everyday business.

“Many of our clients were asking for the industry’s best endpoint protection after experiencing ransomware. We chose Comodo’s Dragon it is the best product for protecting against ransomware. You can’t beat Comodo’s one-hundred percent protection against ransomware damage, “says Pierros.

This has helped the company to maintain its reputation and repertoire with its clients.