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Cyber breaches are quite common in the medical industry. In 2019 alone, over 40 million patient records were breached, an almost 50% increase in cases from the previous year.

With COVID-19 increasing the need for healthcare and forcing more interactions between providers and patients to take place online, the risk of cyber breaches has increased. The trend-setters in the medical industry realize this and have taken a proactive approach to thwart the increasing threat of cyber-attacks. One such company is the leading medical device supplier in Taiwan is Unison Healthcare Group (UHG).

The Challenge Facing Unison Healthcare Group
Based in Taiwan, UHG is one of the leading medical groups in Asia with a presence in more than 45 countries. The company was established in the 1950’s with the vision to improve Taiwan’s healthcare system. Moving forward with this vision, UHG’s founder Mr. Y. F. Shih fought against the odds to win his company the distribution rights from several European pharmaceutical companies, including the likes of Philips Duphar, Dolder and Dagra.

In the 1970’s, UHG became the exclusive distributor for Siemens Medical and Philips Medical Systems in Taiwan. Mr. Shih and UHG have never looked back since. Today, UHG is an ISO 9001 and 13485 certified provider of medical devices in several countries.

However, as it is part of the medical services industry, UHG has access to a lot of sensitive data. This data needs to be managed carefully in order to prevent its misuse. This is a real challenge for UHG because cyber breaches are common in the medical industry.

Due to this ever-present threat of cyber breaches in the medical industry, UHG needed an innovative cybersecurity solution that would provide it active breach protection. This is where Comodo Cybersecurity comes in.

How Comodo’s Dragon Platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection is Helping UHG to Ward Off Cyber Breaches
Comodo is helping UHG by protecting and defending its endpoints. Comodo’s Dragon Platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) is a patent-pending auto containment technology with active breach protection that neutralizes ransomware, malware and cyber-attacks.

UHG chose Comodo’s Dragon because it allows the company to reduce cyber breaches through active breach protection. The team at UHG was particularly impressed with the auto containment technology offered by Comodo.

“The biggest reason we chose Comodo was because its auto-containment technology offers the most effective protection over cyber breaches. The 24/7 continuous monitoring and protection service allows our customers to focus on their core business because they have gained freedom from fear of unforeseen, malicious attacks. That type of assurance and support is critical in the healthcare market,” said Willy Chien, CEO Office Strategy Executive at UHG.

Alan Knepfer, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Comodo says, “The future of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry depends on establishing trust and assurance.” He further adds, “Comodo is a company that has been built upon the very foundation of trust, offering 100% verification on unknown executables because we believe that every single digital interaction must have a built-in layer of security. Our partnership with UHG will help combat constant threats and cyberattacks that are creating havoc on a global scale.”

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