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Some people would love to work for a highly ethical company, one where trust is absolute, and everyone is treated equally. Where peace and love are considered the only attributes. The challenge is these places are few and far between.

Imagine a place where you accept a job, and the company performs a background check. You pass the check and are hired. And you go to work to find that once inside the office, there are no locks, no passwords, no checks; everyone is allowed to see and use everything. The safe door is left open and everyone is just trusted.

This may sound like a fun place to work, but what happens when a person decides to walk off with the petty cash, or takes a copy of every employee’s credit cards and walks out the door. Obviously, that won’t happen in YOUR perfect company.

The example I’ve just given sounds preposterous, but it’s also the exact model that many business’s uses for security today.

Every business that uses a malware detection system that provides unfettered access to any file that is not already known to be a malware file, is in effect acting like the commune I mentioned above.

Imagine the scenario, a new file comes into the enterprise, and it is scanned by the malware scanner, and it’s found to not be known malware, it is then allowed to execute in the computing environment with unfettered access. If it turns out the file was actually a new piece of malware that had not been previously seen by the malware scanner, then it can infect, modify and destroy to its hearts content.

Why would you let this happen!

There is a solution that provides both detection and prevention of infection, that would stop this happening. In-fact It’s currently running on about 100 million systems, and there have been zero infections on any of these.

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