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New, stronger forms of ransomware, such as Critoni and Cryptowall, are on the loose, reading hard and removable drives, then encrypting the data, before demanding payment for the decryption key. All it takes is just one click. It can be spread through a compromised website, infected apps, or email attachments.

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As an MSP, what can you do to protect your clients? The best defense against this kind of data kidnapping is to back up your data regularly.
Waiting to back up data after an infection is useless. Data that has been compromised and encrypted cannot be retrieved. Even if you pay a ransom, the return of the data is not guaranteed. If an attack occurs, tell your clients to forget about paying the ransom. Instead, dazzle your clients by wiping the drive clean and restoring all their data from the backup.

Cloud-based backup solutions, such as the one offered on the Comodo ONE platform, are a critical and routine part of everyday SLAs included in managed services offerings. MSPs who deliver backup and recovery services report lower costs of managing multiple customers while increasing the value of the SLA to their client.

So, as an MSP, what should you look for in a backup and restore solution?

Consider these 3 crucial factors:

  • Simplicity: Managing multiple backup products can be challenging. As the client base grows, mistakes can be made during a recovery event, which can result in missed SLAs and damaged reputation. MSPs need an easy-to-use solution in which they can set up and manage multiple clients’ backup servers using a centralized web-based management console that requires virtually zero training.
  • Comprehensiveness: Protect all data and system types. MSPs should be able to offer local- and cloud-based backup and recovery to any destination or system. In addition, integrating backup and recovery services to your Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and PSA platform can reduce training costs and enhance the quality of your service.
  • Reliability: Backup software may use a variety of techniques to capture data safely, but if the data can’t be read, the system can’t be recovered. Offer a solution that is reliable and trusted by many.

Your MSP business is built on reputation and trust. So, take note and leverage a cloud-based backup and recovery services as part of your bundled solution offering. Both you and your client will be happy that you did.

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