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All the buzz out of RSA was about how cyber security companies can differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

You’ve heard all about Comodo’s advanced endpoint protection technology, which relies on Comodo’s default deny platform – radically different than what other companies offer today.

And on the heels of RSA, Comodo recently announced its full range business solution to malware, ransomware and other cyber attacks, Comodo 360. This all-inclusive platform offers organizations large and small the opportunity to fully manage their security needs, with as little or as much internal management as they desire.

Comodo is already well-known in the security arena as the world’s largest SSL digital certificate provider.  Now with Comodo 360, companies can get complete boundary protection, as well as endpoint protection and internal network security.  It is based on the Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection (STAP) model.

Think of Comodo 360 as your one-stop shopping solution.  With this all-encompassing 360 degree solution, there is no need to farm out bits and pieces of your security requirements, it is all available in one package, as little or as much as your specific organization needs.

comodo 360

IT Directors, Systems Administrators and even CIOs and CISOs are finding it more difficult to find the right security solution for a complex cybersecurity landscape.   When solutions are found, many times that can’t be integrated with each other so companies have multiple vendors working on multiple solutions with non-integrated results and increased pressure on the IT team.

“Comodo 360 provides Systems Administrators and IT Directors the necessary tools required to solve their information security problem by integrating various technology components, security intelligence and management under one umbrella platform,” said John Peterson, Vice President of Enterprise Products and Product Marketing at Comodo.  “The Comodo 360 approach provides prevention, detection and monitoring of known bad and unknown files that may attempt to enter any threat vector within your environment allowing for the CISO and CIO to have a holistic, end to end security solution in place – pulling the STAP methodology of Endpoint, Boundary and Internal Networks together.”

From the recently published IDC White Paper, sponsored by Comodo, Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection Technologies, February 2016:

“Comodo benefits by having integrated solutions in all three STAP categories, reducing the need for reliance on outside integration partners and developing the technology and solutions in-house. Since Comodo is among the very few security vendors that has competitive offerings in all three STAP categories, the company is setting itself up to be a unique security and IT management solution for both larger enterprises and small to mid-sized business across industries.”

Check out the video on Comodo 360 for yourself here: and let us know what you think.

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