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Here at Comodo, we are excited to roll out the next version of our Comodo Device Manager (CDM version 4.5) with new and improved features including:

Comodo Device Manager

  • An on-demand call-up history of all the executables that ran inside the sandbox/container
  • The ability for IT administrators to configure scheduled anti-virus scans as well as trigger on demand scans through the CDM portal
  • A new ability to generate anti-virus scan reports about scheduled and on-demand anti-virus scan histories over endpoints
  • Giving IT administrators the ability to see the full list of files that are quarantined with the option of permanently removing them, or restoring them to the original location.
  • New support functionality for Windows Server OS

When interviewed for this blog, Ilker Simsir, Product Manager for Comodo Device Manager told us “employees are working from laptops, desktops, mobile phone and tablets – and that creates nightmare endpoint security challenges for all IT departments”

So how can CDM make life easier for the IT administrator?

“CDM allows the IT administrator to deploy and manage Comodo Endpoint Security, our multi-layered endpoint protection suite, as well as manage and secure all mobile devices on IOS and Android platforms. With CDM, customers can access and manage their accounts from the cloud or from their own management server,” Simsir concluded.

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