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Incidents of user data theft skyrockets day by day. This time a massive data leak hit the customers of, a Chinese financial company developed by Shanghai Bochi Information Technology Co., Ltd. The company provides customers with a diversity of finance-related services: Small loans, online P2P credit, banking, leasing industry, and third-party payments. It cooperates with many Internet giants like Intel, Huawei, Discover, Shanghai Bank, and other major technology companies.

As a result of the attack, the cybercriminals stole information about 286,000 customers. Names, addresses and mobile numbers of these customers had been stolen. More of that, the stolen data included 180,000 passwords and 313,000 bank cards’ information.

Comodo specialists detected this leak during the analysis of publicly accessible Elastic and Kibana data.

Data Analytics

Analytics data

And it’s not an extremely outstanding case. Nowadays, the protection from personal data leaks has become one of the main hard-to-solve cybersecurity problems. Many customers around the world have to give their data to various services they use. At the moment they do that, they lose control about this data — and it creates a serious problem. A user can take all precautions to keep her data safe, but it won’t help if attackers penetrate a company’s storage. Thus, the customers never know they if are secure or not because it depends on a service provider’s security level. Unfortunately, this happens quite often, but quite a few companies refuse to own up this unpleasant fact.

What is worse, customers can’t even follow up on if their data was stolen. They may be sure everything is going fine, while at the same moment a cybercriminal is utilizing their private information in a cyberattack. Usually, victims of data leaks discover the sad truth only when it’s too late.

Is there a way to solve the problem and help customers to handle this danger?

Now, yes.

The updated Comodo Mobile Security application offers a clear solution to this issue: a brand-new, unique service that gives users a possibility to discover if their data have been leaked. This updated application constantly monitors the status of all accounts connected to a user’s e-mail address, and in case of any sings of compromising, immediately informs the user to take the necessary security steps.

How is it possible? To find out, you can check out this application and enjoy your life without worrying about your private data leaks.

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