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The 9/11 attack had increased everyone’s consciousness on safety, sacrifices, and bravery. Thus, it made a great impact on how people perceive safety – including cyber security. Though many people know the 9/11 history, there are facts that are considered insignificant yet definitely worth sharing. Here’s the Five Significant Insignificant Facts of 9/11:

Comodo Remembers 911

 1. John William Perry (New York Police Officer)

According to Officer Down Memorial Page, John William Perry was filling his resignation during the 9/11 catastrophe. Once he heard the news about the attack, he immediately rushed to the scene without a second thought. He lost his life to save others when the south tower collapsed. He was later awarded the New York Police Department’s Medal of Honor for his heroic actions.

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2. The Rescue Dogs During the 9/11 Attack

It’s easy to assume that the police, army, firefighters, and medics were the greatest heroes of that day. Yet little do we know that the rescue dogs also did their part. With 3000 deaths that overwhelmed the authorities, the dogs did their best to scour Ground Zero for survivors.

Comodo Remembers 911

3. The Names of the Victims Reflect Relationships

Last 2011, was launched to provide the victims’ next-of-kin. Instead of the traditional alphabetical order, they chose to show the victims’ connection to each other.

4. 9/11 Memorial & Museum

There’s a museum built to commemorate the continuing significance of the attack. Their exhibitions consist of different presentations – interactive technology, archives, narratives, and a collection of artifacts. Learn more about the museum here.

5. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

The 9/11 attack severely damaged the faith of Muslims as well. Though terrorism doesn’t equate to religious beliefs, people had the wrong impression. So Ahmadiyya Muslim community stood with Islam’s true teaching — peace and kindness. In 2011, they had launched their first Muslims for Life campaign. They aim to collect blood donations to honor the victims of 9/11.

The Purpose of IT Security Systems in our Lives

Like the Significant Insignificant Facts about 9/11, Comodo has always advocated Internet and IT systems security. A reason why Comodo offers a free trial of IT & Security Manager (ITSM) to anyone. It has 4 distinct management tools to ensure stronger protection to all of your devices and endpoints. Where there are things you already know to keep an educated perspective. There are other cyber security facts you got to know:

Hackers disguised as Employees

They say that trust is perhaps the most important element of a successful workplace. What if, you can’t even trust your employees? There’s a reason why you issued and made contracts to protect your company’s confidential files. A research shows, 59 percent of former employees admitted to steal important, confidential files and information, like customer contact lists.

Social Media Cyber Attacks

Social Media is the New Nicotine of this generation. Where everyone, including your dog or 2-year old baby sister has a Facebook and Twitter, cyber criminals also made their attacks. In 2014, Justin Bieber’s Twitter account was hacked. Serves as a great example of how people can be fooled by hackers/scammers using a hijacked real, verified account.

Expensive Costs

Yes, that’s right. That malware in your system can make you pinch pennies. Did you know that the expensive viruses in the world caused a $38.5 billion financial damage? Care to risk yourself or your company losing that amount of money?

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Software Vulnerabilities

Every technology has its weak points, so you need to know them and be able to work around them. Thus, giving us a chance to be prepared and fully protected.

SSL Certificates Do Wonders

We can’t reiterate enough that having SSL certificates add full protection to your own websites. Show your website visitors that you deserve their trust.

It is very important to Educate yourself and your Employees as well. The main targets of hackers or cyber criminals are those who insignificantly considers to understand I.T.Any other questions and concerns? Email us at

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