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Awards confirm Comodo as only free product to provide 100% protection against zero-day malware.

Comodo’s Internet Security, One and Cloud Antivirus products have each been awarded ‘Best+++’ in the latest round of tests from security testing firm, AVLab. Significantly, Comodo scored 100% protection score against ransomware and cryptominers, confirming the strength of Comodo’s containment technology against two notorious threats that many experts consider unsolvable. The awards follow hot-on-the-heels of Comodo’s stellar performance in recent tests by AV-Test, where Comodo also won ‘Best Product’ in all three categories.

Best Antivirus Award


Both sets of tests were conducted in severe conditions which imitated real-life attacks.

AV-TEST results

AV-TEST publishes its research every 2 months to ensure its results are the most up-to-date statement about the protection offered by a solution. The researchers pit each product against a range of real-world attacks and rate each on protection, performance and usability:

  • Bulletproof protection. Comodo scored a 100% protection rating against zero-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and e-mail threats. The result repeats Comodo’s 100% performance in the firm’s February survey.
  • Superior Performance. Scoring 5.5 out of 6, Comodo beat industry averages in 3 out of 5 categories and offered extremely fast load-times when launching popular websites on high-end PCs.
  • Outstanding Usability. With another 6/6 rating, Comodo collected a perfect score of zero false-positives in 3 out of 4 categories. And with just one false-positive out of 1,615,677 scanned files, Comodo beat the industry average 10 times over in the remaining category.

You can find more details on the AV-test results here:



AVLab results

  • AVLab is an independent organization that conducts tests on security software for corporate networks and individual user devices. The round of tests they ran in May had a very specific aim, to test how well each product performed against the most notorious types of malware around – ransomware, cryptominers and bashware.
  • AVLab were clear that each product should be tested against living, real-world threats. To guarantee the freshness of their malware samples, they placed honeypots in multiple locations around the world. From the catch, the researchers selected 43 unique ransomware samples, 35 cryptocurrency miners, and one bashware sample.
  • Comodo Internet Security, Comodo One and Comodo Cloud Antivirus passed all tests with the highest score possible. Earning BEST+++ awards in all categories, Comodo products were the only free-for-life offerings to achieve 100% protection against both ransomware and cryptominers. More details on the AVLab test results are available here.

Containerization technology is at the heart of Comodo’s range of home and enterprise security products. Under the technology, all files which have a trust rating of ‘Unknown’ are automatically run in a secure, virtual environment known as the container. Applications in the container are isolated from the host, write to a virtual file system and registry, and are not allowed to access user data. This means untrusted (but harmless) applications can be used as normal but genuinely malicious programs are prevented from causing damage. This provides smoothest user experience possible while offering 100% protection again zero-day threats.

The faithful guard of your digital assets

This constant chain of awards hardly surprises millions of users around the world who already understand the advantages of Comodo Internet Security. They know it offers a variety of useful tools that many paid antiviruses don’t have. Comodo Internet Security delivers not only high-end protection with cutting-edge antimalware technologies but also great usability for both novices and expert users. CIS features include a powerful antivirus, firewall, automatic containment, host intrusion prevention, website filtering, protection for online banking and shopping and much more besides.

It acts as a faithful guard carefully monitoring all processes on your computer. If a suspicious event happens, it will handle it and notify you immediately.

One more advantage is its universality. It’s designed for both non-techy users and IT professionals. The former can easily install-and-forget. The software will run in the background and care of any security concerns. The latter will find a powerful range of tools that let them delve into granular configuration of the product.The icing on the top is the containment technology. The technology is the exclusive Comodo solution to beat any kind of malware. The unknown files are automatically opened in an isolated environment, so they can’t harm your machine in any way.

Team Comodo is on your side

Of course, one question we get all the time is “Why give this high-class security for free?”

“We in Comodo see creating secure cyberspace as the important part of our mission. And security of the total cyberspace depends on security of every user present there,” says Fatih Orhan, The Head of the Comodo Threat Research Labs. “So it’s extremely important to equip as many people as possible with best means of protection. That’s why Comodo Threat Research Labs (CTRL) division of Comodo Cyber Security with constant support from other Comodo departments has been aimed at creation of security products that would always outperform even paid competitors on the market. Everyone who works on Comodo Cyber Security products is inspired by the idea of providing top-tier security for everyone in the world, regardless of the ability to pay. No fees. No hidden charges. Free-for-life.

Creating and developing our endpoint products while keeping with high security and high usability is a hard challenge. It’s one that requires many factors and nuances to meet at the right time in the right place. You need to standardize operations, align processes and product visions, and get high-level commitments and support from top-level executives.

And the results are awards like the ones we mentioned today – a source of pride for every employee in Comodo. Indeed, every user in any corner of the cyberspace now is able to download the multiple independent test-proved best free security solution in the world and feel totally protected against the most cunning types of threats”.

Live secure with Comodo!
What is Endpoint Protection?

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