Comodo Increases its SSL Certificate Market Share Leadership

October 6, 2015 | By Comodo
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Comodo Increases its SSL Certificate Market Share Leadership; Eight Consecutive Months (and counting) of Comodo Remaining Number One

With the close of the third quarter here, Comodo continues to build on its market share leadership in digital certificates, according to the latest data from, an independent IT market research firm.

Since taking the number one position in mid-February of this year – Comodo has either gained or maintained market share in SSL certificates for eight consecutive months (and three consecutive quarters).

The latest data from as of October 1 puts Comodo market share leadership in SSL certificates at 37.1%, and steadily rising from a September 1 mark of 36.6%.

Comodo-SSL- Certificate

Customers are actively choosing Comodo for their digital certificate needs.  In the past few months alone, we’ve seen great organizations like University of Colorado at Boulder, Aviva in the United Kingdom and Weseler Rechenzentrum in Germany all tell their stories about how they are turning to Comodo for their digital certificates, as well as the management of those certificates [Be sure to read their stories and testimonials here:

The latest SSL market share data from can be found here:

Get more information on our SSL certificates here: and the management of digital certificates through Comodo Certificate Manager here:

Onward to Q4.

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