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Comodo has just released a new version of Comodo Dome Shield that significantly raises the bar for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). You can read the press release summarizing the improvements here. The bottom line summary: MSPs can now manage multiple end-customer instances of Comodo Dome Shield from a single Comodo ONE console. This will increase operational efficiency and create new revenue opportunities, both of which contribute to greater profits for MSPs.

Comodo Endpoint security

Dome Shield is the free tier of the Comodo Dome platform. Dome Shield is a DNS-based security service that provides a first line of defense against web-borne threats by blocking access to known malicious websites. It also provides web domain filtering and advanced reporting and analytics.

As a cloud-delivered service, Comodo Dome fits seamlessly into the MSP business model, allowing MSPs to monetize Dome Shield by wrapping their services around the product. Your customers can focus on their businesses while leaving their IT to you as their trusted service provider—with Comodo Dome Shield delivering peace of mind. As a DNS-based service, Dome Shield is extremely easy to deploy—just change the customer’s DNS server setting to point to Comodo Dome Shield. It takes less than five minutes–nothing could be easier.

Nearly 200 MSPs have already signed up for a free Dome Shield license since we began offering it earlier this year. That’s even in advance of the tighter integration with Comodo ONE.

Comodo Dome provides and even greater level of security with paid-for tiers: Comodo Secure Web Gateway increases protection from web threats with blocking of malicious files, cloud sandboxing, file containment for unknown threats, behavioral analysis, granular URL filtering, and more. We will extend the same tighter integration with Comodo ONE now found in Dome Shield to Dome Secure Web Gateway later this year.

Comodo Dome Enterprise includes separate modules for an anti-spam gateway, firewall (including IPS and VPN), and data loss prevention. You can learn more about the entire family of Comodo Dome cloud-based services by visiting the Comodo Dome web page.

Back to Dome Shield—as an MSP, you can also use free Dome Shield to break into new accounts. Some of your customers—particularly SMBs—may not have web protection in place at the network boundary. Dome Shield helps them to understand why they need boundary protection, because it reports on malicious websites blocked (among many other metrics). Existing customers will also appreciate the insights that you provide based upon using Dome Shield to deliver security services, which will contribute to customer loyalty.

How do you get started? As an MSP you probably already use Comodo ONE. You can activate your free license for Comodo Dome Shield from your Comodo ONE Console. Start by familiarizing yourself with the Dome Shield offering and launch a few trial deployments with existing customers. For support questions as you get acquainted with Comodo Dome Shield, please contact

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