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The web is the #1 vector for a wide variety of threats—from garden variety malware, to phishing attacks, ransomware, and beyond. Your users may receive an email that appears to be from a company that they actually do business with, asking them to reset their password. The email may actually be from a cyber attacker and it points users to a malicious website with a phony password reset page. People are comfortable being asked to enter their existing password when they reset a password, and users unwittingly do so for the cyber attacker. They’ve just handed the bad guys the keys to the kingdom. If your users reuse username/password combinations across sites (a very typical behavior), those same credentials could be used to access bank accounts, brokerage accounts, health records, and more.

Comodo Dome

In another scenario, a spam email includes a link to a ransomware -infested payload housed on a malicious website. While IT security pros know it is bad practice to click on embedded links in an email, others are often not that savvy. The user clicks on the link and the ransomware hijacks their computer until a ransom is paid. The possibilities are endless for cyber criminals seeking to use the web to infect unsuspecting users and make an illicit profit.

Malicious websites are just one element of these kinds of attacks, but avoiding them is critical to maintaining a safe computing environment. IT security experts agree that a layered defense is the best approach against malware and related threats. Comodo Dome is a key element of a layered defense. Now Comodo has announced that Comodo Dome Shield is available at no charge to enterprise and small businesses, managed service providers, and even individual users.

Comodo Dome Shield is the base tier of the Comodo Dome cloud-based security service. It blocks access to known malicious websites and lets you implement web domain filtering policies using pre-defined categories and customized lists. Administrators also get advanced reporting and analytics relating to web security. It’s a great way to get started at no cost with the Dome platform—you can experience for yourself how easy it is to put the power of Comodo threat intelligence to work protecting your users from web-based threats. It’s simple to configure Dome Shield—it just involves pointing your DNS to Comodo as your first hop to the internet.

Optionally, you can pay to upgrade your protection with higher tiers of Comodo Dome security as a service. You can choose full Secure Internet Gateway functionality, and even add features like a cloud-based antispam gateway, firewall, VPN, and data loss prevention (DLP). Or you can simply enjoy your free license for Comodo Dome Shield without subscribing to the service at a higher tier. Comodo has prepared a detailed comparison of the three tiers of the Comodo Dome service to help prospective customers understand the security features offered at each tier. You can also access the comparison page to learn about how the service stacks up vs. the competition, including Cisco Umbrella.

Even before the public announcement, over six hundred customers had signed up for this no-cost offer. With this public announcement, we expect thousands more to step forward and get their free license. Fortunately we are not capacity constrained, and can accommodate everyone who’s interested. There’s no reason to wait — claim your free license today!


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