Comodo Cybersecurity Achieves the Gold Standard SC Award for Best Managed Security Service

April 20, 2018 | By admin
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With breaches happening every day, it is not an easy task for customers to stay ahead of hackers. This is especially true for organizations with limited internal resources. Comodo Cybersecurity has been recognized for their dedication and commitment to protect the world from attacks and vulnerabilities that threaten our security, privacy, and digital infrastructure.

SC Media Awards are recognized as the industry gold standard of accomplishment for cybersecurity professionals, products and services. Comodo Cybersecurity has been awarded the 2018 SC Award for Best Managed Security Service for their Comodo ONE, the free IT management platform.

Comodo Cybersecurity’s free integrated IT and security management platform for managed service providers (MSPs), combines remote monitoring and management (RMM), ticketing and patch management into a single, easy-to-use console. It helps MSPs automate existing processes and view real-time data and alerts from customer networks, reducing operating costs and improving the quality of service.

What sets Comodo Cybersecurity apart?

Here’s how Comodo ONE has set the bar so high:

It’s free. It’s the only complete IT and security management platform that provides IT management tools for free. 140,233 endpoints+ are managed by Comodo ONE. Plus, it will be free forever.

Integrates with numerous add on applications. This is what makes Comodo ONE free. MSPs have the options to buy a range of additional network security and endpoint management applications.

Reduces overall costs and drives efficiency. MSPs who leverage the money they save from licensing and additional costs can reinvest in their business with the latest unique technology, additional staff, and greater operational efficiency.

Standardize and automate existing processes. MSPs can also view real time data and alerts from customer networks ultimately reducing operating costs and improving quality of service.

Year-round 24/7 customer support. Comodo Cybersecurity is constantly revising and upgrading its platform to include new functionality and enhancements based on feedback it receives from its tight-knit user community.

Strong return on investment. It also stimulates new business with subscription-based services for new and existing customers and expands customer bases with a scalable, open platform.

As a company that is transforming cybersecurity with protection for endpoints, networks and web servers that is proven to be effective against the most advanced malware threats, Comodo Cybersecurity is honored that SC Media recognized its success in enabling customers to protect themselves through its managed security service.

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