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casgThe latest release of the Comodo Antispam Gateway (CASG) went live today with new features for controlling and archiving email. CASG allows you to remove malware, phishing links & spam from your email traffic before it gets to your network, establishing an effective pre-perimeter defense and regaining lost bandwidth.


Control Incoming Mail by MTA
The most significant upgrade in this release are the new “Relay Restrictions” feature that allows an administrator to strictly define which Message Transfer Agents (MTA), a mail server or other mail relay, emails will be accepted from.

There are various scenarios where this is an extremely valuable capability. For example a business that has regional offices can, if they so desire, easily configure their regional systems to accept only incoming email from the email servers at the home office.

If a firm has a highly secure location that requires special filtering of all incoming email, the system at the location can easily be configured to accept only email from the filtering server.

The ‘Relay Restrictions’ appears under the Incoming menu for the domain. Email administrators can define the MTA servers from which email can be accepted by parsing the mail headers to ensure the existence of an MTA’s IP address or FQDN. ASG admin even has a ‘Lookup’ function in the Relay Restrictions creator to resolve IP addresses.

As opposed to spending hours recovering one ‘missing’ email for one user by restoring a mail database, extracting a mailbox, extracting an email from the mailbox and resending it to the user, ASG allows the admin to simply filter the ASG archive, locate the desired email and click the ‘Resend’ button to restore that mail, with the original headers, to the end-user.

If the ASG ‘Groups and Permissions’ feature is being used to granularly define the end-user’s mail management privileges and the end-user has been granted permission to do so, that end-user can recover their own ‘missing’ email.

“Email is a business-critical business tool.” said Michél Bechard, Comodo Product Line Manager. “Having to sift through a mail-client’s Inbox validating an email’s authenticity reduces a work-force’s productivity and exposes them to potentially offensive material, which may also have legal consequences for the employer. Email is also a much-used mechanism for delivering malware to the desktop via infected email attachments or phishing links in the email content. Antispam Gateway reduces the risk of infection from virus-laden emails by filtering out known malware from email traffic.”



CASG is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) that can be configured and managed from any Internet-connected web browser or tablet. CASG quarantines messages that were determined to be spam or scanned positive for malware attachments, stopping annoying and malicious threats from reaching a user’s email.

CASG uses the Mail Exchanger (MX) records in the mail administrator’s domain records to direct all senders to Comodo’s software service first, intercepting spam and virus-laden email before it reaches the corporate mail server. Messages that are clean or whose senders are whitelisted are then passed to the destination mail server. Messages flagged as spam are quarantined in Comodo’s service for administrators or users to review as needed.

CASG enhances productivity of employees and reduces load on mail servers along with providing ease-of-use and configuration innovations. Comodo Antispam Gateway offers an intuitive web-based management console that enables administrators to quickly add domains and set up users. This web-based gateway solution requires no expensive appliance or hardware on-site or custom server software installation, integration or maintenance. Comodo offers 24×7 monitoring and priority phone support for this service.


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