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If you find the process of getting help with your computer to be frustrating, tedious or slow, you probably haven’t met the IT support team at MyPCFriends. This Orlando-based IT support and solutions firm specializes in providing technical assistance that’s custom-tailored to meet its clients’ unique individual and business needs. And, the team takes great pride in being friendly.

“We want to be like that friend you call whenever you have problems with your computer and you need help,” says Alfredo Rapetta, Chief Operating Officer of MyPCFriends. “Our team is known for its acumen with finding the industry’s best innovations and technology trends and mapping them to our customers’ needs. We also offer quick response and excellent service.” 

As a smaller managed service provider (MSP), MyPCFriends was hoping to continue along the firm’s growth trajectory, but its leaders also wanted to offer additional security services to benefit clients. Making these new capabilities available would reduce their risks of suffering a devastating breach and would improve their overall resilience.

MyPCFriends sought a new partner, whose solution was fully featured, robust and reliable, to help them achieve this goal.

“We were looking for a system that would allow us to give more value to our clients,” says Rapetta. “We compared a few options, and the only one that had all the features we wanted was Comodo’s.”

Industry Leading-Breach Protection

Comodo’s Dragon Platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) is unique in the cybersecurity industry. It’s the world’s only comprehensive cybersecurity platform natively integrated with Comodo’s patent-pending, auto-containment technology, which features active breach prevention capabilities that are far more robust than competitors’ offerings.

“It’s so much more than people are used to,” says Rapetta. “It’s not just antivirus; it’s a complete digital protection system.”

The Dragon Platform includes endpoint security, managed detection and response (MDR) and network security capabilities, all within a single, cloud-native platform architecture engineered to be scalable and easy to administer.

“When we first saw what Comodo can offer its partners, a lightbulb went off in our heads as to all the new and robust solutions we could make available to our customers,” says Rapetta. “We’re attracting many new customers because we’re now capable of providing an entire digital security ecosystem, one that can evolve with their needs in the future.”

Adding Speeding and Efficiency

Though MyPCFriend chose Comodo on the basis of the Dragon Platform’s wide-ranging feature set and powerful capabilities, the company has seen additional benefits in other areas.

“The biggest change we noticed was in process improvements,” says Rapetta. Their team is using the platform to manage ticketing, responding to customer service requests, and time tracking. 

“Comodo’s solutions exceed our rigorous standards and allow us to offer a wide variety of world-class products to our clients,” he adds. For an MSP that cares deeply about clients’ individual needs, this is a recipe for success.

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