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Today’s businesses are caught in an epidemic of cyber threats that are continually evolving, are challenging to diagnose, and have become even more complicated to defend against. This has led many organizations to invest in a variety of security tools and systems in hopes of mitigating disaster and improving their own cybersecurity posture. The trouble is, many organizations don’t have the security expertise or bandwidth necessary to adequately combat today’s modern-day cyber attacks, and this can lead to significant damages due to undiagnosed vulnerabilities. 

However, there are proactive measures organizations can take to secure their mission-critical systems, networks, and data, while ensuring they meet strict compliance standards. This is where the benefits of deploying managed detection and response (MDR) in your business come into play. 

What is MDR?

MDR systems herald a much more proactive form of protection than traditional security measures. They leverage advanced analytical tools to scrutinize events on a network and recognize potentially dangerous behavior “before” it has a chance to materialize into a serious breach or attack.

Placing this additional layer of event monitoring on top of on-premise or hosted security services gives businesses a much more complete, holistic threat prevention strategy.  It delivers advanced detection and response across all network endpoints and is supported 24×7 by a team of security experts. MDR is composed of the following components:

  • Proactive threat anticipation
  • Threat hunting
  • Near real-time active security monitoring
  • Security incident analysis
  • Auto containment of potential security threats
  • Orchestrated security response and threat mitigation

How Does MDR Work?

MDR services are built around three fundamental concepts of effective threat defense and mitigation: detect, investigation, and respond.


MDR services use a variety of system and network sensors to monitor all activities, using AI-enabled technologies to recognize potentially dangerous behavior. Combined with SIEM (security information and event management) solutions, MDR services can be customized to identify the latest known attack methods while using predefined rules to proactively alert security administrators when systems or networks are potentially compromised.


With MDR, your networks are monitored closely by teams of security analysts, ready to investigate all incidents as they occur. MDR analysts are skilled at analyzing and interpreting data from various sources and across all security endpoints, utilizing networking log and security sensor events to evaluate all incidents that appear in a networked environment. MDR analysts can understand the impact of each incident better as they occur and prepare an appropriate detailed response plan to mitigate vulnerabilities accordingly. 


A significant benefit to MDR services is the automation they provide when responding to security incidents as they occur. Rather than having to manually define custom rules or data correlation queries with existing hardware, MDR services remove the burden of day-to-day IT management by automatically generating and providing actionable reports to help businesses manage their security risks. MDR services provide detailed forensic data to their customers and assist them in remediating any attacks and strengthening their business security moving forward. 

Why Should Your Business Consider MDR?

Cyber threats are rising in both frequency and complexity, and organizations need to stay proactive when mitigating their risks. But while security should always be a primary concern for any company, organizations also need to focus their attention on growing and sustaining their business. MDR gives organizations the ability to focus on other mission-critical areas of their business while on-demand security teams manage advanced detection and response as a service.

By utilizing MDR, your organization can experience the following benefits:

  • 24×7 access to on-demand security professionals
  • Affordable and scalable cybersecurity protection
  • Continuous log aggregation and network behavioral analytics
  • Real-time threat monitoring and alerts
  • Managed regulatory compliance policies and standards

Comodo MDR is a fully managed cybersecurity solution, made up of advanced software and services, and built on a sophisticated and user-friendly hosted platform. With a dedicated security team available 24×7, continuous log analysis, and continuous and robust threat monitoring and auto containment, Comodo MDR can provide that proactive cybersecurity solution you need to protect your business as it scales.

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