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In today’s digital era, Email and Web have become the most common form of business communications. Emails have a very high impact on every aspect of an organization as enterprises use them for their primary communications between management, staff, clients, vendors, etc.

Email-based threats such as viruses, spam, Trojans, spyware, phishing attacks are also on the rise since most of the hackers target organizations using email-based attacks.

Email threats, unsecured communications, and uncontrolled Web access not only hinder an organization’s ability to demonstrate self-regulation, but they also damage business relationships and brand image.

To prevent such attacks and to comply with the growing demands of corporate regulations, organizations are in dire need of an anti-spam solution which can prevent all kinds of email-based attacks.

If you are in search of an anti-spam solution, choose Comodo Dome Antispam which is the only enterprise cloud anti-spam solution that has containment technology built-in. It uses advanced spam filters, and content analysis engines to identify and prevent unsolicited emails from entering your network.

Let’s examine the features and benefits of Comodo Dome Antispam to see how it stacks up against other antispam solutions.

Some anti-spam solutions allow you to report spam back to the company supplying the program. It helps that company to develop the new type of filters based on the analysis of the reported spam. Comodo Dome is one such cloud anti-spam solution which reports unknown files for human analysis.

Benefits of Comodo Dome Antispam Gateway:

Most of the anti-spam solutions are signature based that use their signature file (blacklist) to detect and respond to the new type of Malware. In such signature-based anti-spam software, new and unknown types of Malware goes undetected since there is a time gap between the time these new type of Malware threats are released and the time anti-spam software vendors have identified them and updated their signature file. This is where Comodo Dome’s Containment technology comes into play.

Containment technology works by keeping the threats or harmful files under control or within certain limits. The harmful files are processed in a restricted operating system environment, thus controlling the resources and the spread of infection.

With human file analysis platform (Valkyrie) for reviewing unknown files and Containment technology, Comodo Dome Antispam is the best solution to protect your enterprise network even from zero-day attacks.

When you consider all of the features and benefits of Comodo Dome Antispam, especially the built-in containment technology, other cloud anti-spam doesn’t stand a chance against Comodo Dome. If you are in search of a good anti-spam solution, look no further get Comodo Dome Anti-spam today!

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