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desktop os share - June 2014
In the latest report by, the supposedly dead Windows XP actually increased its market share of desktop operating systems slightly, with a 25.3% share. That makes it the second most popular desktop OS by a wide margin, behind Windows 7 at 50.5% and ahead of Windows 8.1 with a mere 6.6% piece of the pie.

While XP is down from a 30% share since Microsoft ended support and security updates on April 8th, it was expected that it would decline much more rapidly. Microsoft has engaged in an expensive campaign to convince XP users to upgrade to Windows 8.1, emplacing that it will become increasingly vulnerable to hackers. The message has apparently fallen on a lot of deaf ears. The fact that it actually increase market share from last month’s 24.9% is stunning.

Does this speak to the quality and durability of the venerable XP, introduced way back in 2001? Or, is it a testament to the failure to launch of Windows 8 and 8.1? Perhaps a bit of both!

Comodo Has Your Back

Although there have been a surprising shortage of horror stories since Microsoft pulled the plug on security fixes, XP is definitely going to be a target of hackers.

Now, we don’t generally recommend using an unsupported OS. However, we strongly believe that the decision to upgrade is yours.

It’s your computer, your software, your needs.

If for whatever reason you want to continue using XP, know this – Comodo Antivirus has your back! We are committed to supplying XP virus signatures through at least 2016. What’s more, under these circumstances our default/deny approach is even more appropriate than usual. Comodo Internet Security defends against threats that have not even been identified yet, sandboxing any programming that cannot be verified as safe to run. The sandbox is a secure, isolate area where an unverified program can be run without risk to your Windows system and files.

Regardless of which version of Windows you use, if you are not using Comodo Security you will be safer if you download today