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Sadly, most Antivirus providers give you more hype than science. And it’s this misguided emphasis that dooms their technology to be dangerously inadequate. At Comodo, we’re committed to winning the battle against a plague of viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware that get smarter every year. We know that keeping pace with these scurrilous Internet terrorists takes the kind of relentless scientific effort that must result in Next Generation Technology, not glitzy marketing campaigns that serve only to cloak inferior products.

Just consider the scientific effort that is uniquely Comodo: Every Comodo Antivirus product uses a specially conceived and utterly impervious Default Deny strategy that prohibits any questionable file from ever entering your computer. What determines whether a file is a threat? The continually updated White List of millions of approved files every Comodo Antivirus features. What happens if a file isn’t on Comodo’s White List on the day it comes knocking on your computer’s door? It is instantly restricted from entry and run safely outside your PC, using Comodo’s unique Auto Sandboxing Technology™ to determine whether or not it is harmful. If it’s found to be harmless, only then is it permitted to enter your PC. But if it’s labeled a threat, Comodo Antivirus destroys it. Immediately.

Now consider the antivirus strategies sold by four of Comodo’s well advertised competitors; Norton, Kaspersky, Trend Micro and McAfee.

While each of these more aggressively promoted competitors claims their antivirus product employs a White List that guards against threatening files, the actual level of protection each provides is questionable. Why? First, because while Comodo Free Antivirus confines and observes questionable files safely outside your PC, our competitors’ antivirus products do not. They let threatening files in. And THEN check them. Letting the fox into the hen house, so to speak! Then second, while Comodo’s Default Deny strategy is equipped with technology that enables our auto-sandboxing component to determine whether a file is safe or threatening, our competitors’ antivirus products present you with a PC pop up that entirely relieves them from this decision-making responsibility . How? Their pop ups ask YOU to decide whether or not a file should be permitted to run! Which kinda makes you wonder what you paid for to begin with, doesn’t it?

Is it any wonder that while Matousec, the preeminent operating system testing company, recently found Comodo Internet Security products to be 100% effective, they found Kaspersky to be only 93% effective, Norton to be only 20% effective, Trend Micro to be only 9% effective, and McAfee to be only 2% effective?

Alas, being all about cutting-edge scientific development does have one drawback. Millions of PC users just like you only discover Comodo’s superiority after a more pervasively advertised antivirus fails them. That’s why Comodo is the protective software more savvy PC users flock to. Frankly, it’s why we’re known as the geeks geeks love! In fact, if you come to Comodo with a virus, worm, Trojan or other malware problem, upon your request we will remove it and clean your PC like it has never been cleaned before. IMMEDIATELY. Starting with a FREE SCAN that fully diagnoses any PC problems.

And only there after will we recommend our Antivirus products to you.

Want even more proof that Comodo’s Antivirus succeeds where others fail? Then just ask yourself this. Why is Comodo the ONLY antivirus provider with the confidence to give you a $500 Virus-Free Guarantee? A Guarantee as direct and air tight as this: If your PC gets infected by a virus after Comodo Antivirus for Windows 8 software is properly installed and registered, Comodo support technicians will restore it to working condition. Or Comodo will cover up to $500 in repair costs! It’s really this simple. Comodo Antivirus protection makes computers impervious to viruses. That’s why only we offer a $500 Guarantee.

And it’s why we alone can make a statement like this: Of the millions upon million of computers protected by Comodo Antivirus software, none have ever remained affected by a virus…… None.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

–          Glenn Scheuer

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