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Today, there are two trends that are central to the Internet. First; each year the percentage of the world population that is active on the Internet grows. And second; each year, more hackers, phishers, viruses, Trojans and other scurrilous threats proliferate on the Web. And as the world’s most innovative architect of Internet Security solutions, Comodo’s enthusiasm for the first trend is matched by our concern over the second trend. Here’s why.

Comodo knows that the world’s exponential use of the Internet now includes hundreds of millions of people whose level of PC and Internet sophistication is limited. Add this vast population of neophytes and occasional users to the millions of sophisticated users who’ve already battled online security threats for well over a decade, and it’s easy to see why we’ve concluded that there’s a need for antivirus software products that not only offer strong security features, but a top notch, easy to use, technically astute yet compassionate, live support service, as well.

That’s why Comodo Internet Security Pro and Complete both feature a unique service that Comodo R&D designed to be as easy for neophytes to use as it is for sophisticated geeks to use. We call it GeekBuddy.

While most other providers’ support services only offer unnecessarily complex, hands-off instruction to customers with problems or requests, a living, breathing, hands-on Microsoft certified GeekBuddy actually serves each of our customers via easy-to-understand live chat.

The result? Comodo Internet Security Pro and Complete not only give you outstanding  protection from millions of Internet security threats. They also give you an extensive team of live technical pros who are ready to remotely connect to your computer and perform hundreds of services and repairs for you. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

And THAT is the kind of support today’s burgeoning populace of neophytes, occasional Internet users AND super savvy geeks really need.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.                                                                                                                                                                                            – Glenn Scheuer

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