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Worm Autoit AARF comes from the family of Trojan infection which has a long history with the development of computer. Trojan infection targets on all versions of Windows machines. There are no exceptions for computer users who use Windows systems. Trojan infection mainly uses the Internet to spread. Cyber hackers use websites to implant this Trojan, especially some social hit websites or dubious web pages which they are able to edit the scripts of them. When people come to one of those websites, this Trojan can infiltrate the computers without users’ notice. Besides, free programs can also be used by hackers to spread this Trojan; they can implant this Trojan into many free programs provided on many websites for people to download. When people finish the download and try to install the infected programs into their computers, this Trojan can also be saved during the installation procedure.

This Worm Autoit AARF can make a severe damage to the computer system once it is activated in the computer. First of all, it can do harm to the windows registry. The system registry can be messed up by this Trojan. Many key settings in the registry can be changed arbitrary. In this case, the computer can work improperly and some specific functions cannot be used. This Trojan can also corrupt the anti-virus program in the infected windows. It can disable the anti-virus program so that the program is not able to remove this Trojan for computer user. The system firewall can also be shut down by this Trojan. With no protection in the infected windows, this Trojan will create backdoor downloads for other viruses and Trojans to come. With such a mess, the infected computer can be totally damaged, and the viruses and Trojans can slow down the performance of the computer. What’s worse, many system related files can be removed by this Worm Autoit AARF. With some system files are missing, computer can face many unwanted error during the use. The infected computer can meet blue screen of death frequently, and it can take a long time to turn on the infected computer. If this Trojan cannot be removed in time, the computer will finally come to a complete crash.

This Trojan is also used by cyber criminals to access the infected computer remotely with the PC user’s permission. Once those crooks can take control of the infected computer remotely, they can get everything they want in the infected computer. Mostly, those bad guys tend to steal the personal information like bank details, sensitive contents from the infected computer, and after that, they can use the information for illegal activities. PC users will suffer from money loss and so on.

Worm Autoit AARF is dangerous computer threat to computers with Windows systems. It creates lot of problem to the infected windows 10 system. Computer can run slowly and face many fatal errors. With this Trojan infection, computer will be messed up by it and the privacy of the PC user is not safe anymore. Cyber hackers who can use this Trojan to access the infected computer can collect the sensitive information and use those details for crimes. For those people whose computers are infected by this Trojan, please remove this Trojan as soon as possible.

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