Comodo Dome Shield Reading Time: 1 minute

Glenn Scheuer – If conventional Antivirus software did a good job, millions of PCs wouldn’t get infected with viruses, Trojans and other malware every year. The truth is, the protection you get from conventional Antivirus software just isn’t strong enough or smart enough anymore. The proof? Over 50,000 malicious files go undetected by one or more antivirus software program every single day! Bottom line: the volume and sophistication of today’s malware has rendered conventional antivirus software obsolete. What’s gone wrong? Most antivirus software still only battle threats they’re programmed to know. Not the tens of thousands of new ones they’ve never encountered before. And this conventional and dated strategy leaves open a window of vulnerability for malicious threats that can be devastating for you and your PC!

That’s why the Comodo’s R&D division came up with a better strategy for our line of antivirus software. It’s based on this irrefutable premise: Prevention Trumps Detection. In other words, Comodo Free Antivirus software is designed to do something different from conventional Antivirus for Windows 8 software. Put simply, it checks every file “AT the door,” while conventional antivirus software is still engineered to detect threatening files only after “they’re IN the door!” How did we accomplish this? By applying ground breaking Proactive Defense technology that treats any file seeking access to your PC as potentially harmful. Technology that triggers a unique, patent-pending Auto-Sandboxing feature that instantly permits any non-threatening file, but automatically isolates and scrutinizes any questionable file. Making your PC virtually impenetrable!

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

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