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Building the pyramids. Assembling Model T Fords. Manufacturing all the American Military hardware it took to win WWII. Three historic examples of processes that prove an age old axiom of industry:

The best way to run a business is by maximizing individual worker productivity.

Yet in our own era, a time in which we’ve witnessed worker productivity steadily rise, there exists an insidious threat to that productivity that is as deceptive as it is devastating.


At first, it sounds too trivial to be possible. But just consider this. In a world where the vast majority of workers spend some portion of their day on computer (and many spend nearly ALL day on computer), recent studies reveal that six out of ten emails each worker receives are a form of Spam! Intrusive offers, announcements and inquiries that take valuable time for every employee to scan and delete. And they’re dealing with it nearly every moment of every day. Because Spam is relentless! Even worse, many Spam emails are wolves in sheep’s clothing, releasing destructive viruses as soon as they’re opened.

So it is undeniable fact. Today, Spam is the most insidious — and pervasive —  threat to a company’s productivity.

Just look at all the costs business is saddled with thanks to Spam.

  • Lost Productivity Employees that have to sift through a mountain of junk mail every day are wasting very valuable time! If it takes an employee 4 seconds to open, identify and delete a spam mail, even a company with 300 employees that only receives 10 spam messages per employee per day will lose 102 days of work a year from those employees!
  • Lost Bandwidth – Spam slows legitimate network traffic to a crawl. By appropriating part of your bandwidth, spammers blunt your competitive edge. You could invest in a faster connection, but why pay for spammers to get even quicker access to your employees?
  • Legal Consequences – Employers have a legal responsibility to protect employees from obscene Spam. If it reaches a worker’s desktop, your business is susceptible to litigation.
  • Pressure on the IT Team – Your IT Team must handle every employee’s spam-related complaint. This decreases their productivity and depresses morale.
  • Security – Spam is the perfect host for privacy and security threats. Phishing scams, spyware, adware, Trojans and viruses can all be unleashed onto your internal network by just one employee who clicks on a link or attachment that contains a threat cloaked in a spam message.

But if Spam is a Productivity Killer, what can a business do to stop it from murdering its employee’s best efforts? Answer: Devise a tool that shuts out the killer.

Comodo has.

Comodo R&D has developed a unique and extremely effective tool that prevents Junk Mail from ever entering employee inboxes. We call it the AntiSpam Gateway. Comodo has developed technology that allows our AntiSpam Gateway to authenticate every email sender in a way automated Spam bots can’t defeat. No other Spam filter does a better job of restoring worker productivity because no better Spam filter exists.

How do you use Comodo AntiSpam Gateway (CASG)? CASG is an advanced mail filtering solution designed to free employee inboxes of Junk Mail Glut. It is ideally suited for small to mid-size businesses. It has a centralized, web based management console, so it’s easy for administrators to set up; to add users and domains; to configure mail blacklists and whitelists; and to manage quarantined emails. CASG even provides each employee with a login that allows them to view their quarantined emails and, if required, release them.

But the very best thing about CASG is this. Right now, you can take advantage of Comodo’s offer to supply you with this outstanding AntiSpam tool absolutely FREE, to try during a three month trial. A Free, productivity boosting opportunity we hope you’ll seize NOW.

Because, well…. we won’t be sending it to you via email!

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

–          Glenn Scheuer

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