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Teleos Systems Limited is the U.K.’s largest independent supplier of veterinary practice management software. The company was founded more than two decades ago and has continued to grow. It now employs more than 25 developers, technicians, and support staff. Teleos also owns a single-vet small animal practice where it tests out new ideas and software builds. 

The privately owned and purposefully independent company is deeply committed to its core mission of  serving independent veterinary practices by helping them monitor their performance and leverage technology to improve their operations.

“We care passionately about what we do and how we treat our customers,” says Nick Masters, Support Manager at Teleos Systems Limited. 

The company’s veterinary practice management software was designed to integrate with laboratory equipment, mobile devices, and the Vet-XML consortium’s system. This software enables clients to process electronic insurance claims, link with laboratories, and register animals’ microchips in a centralized database. It’s allowing all types of independent veterinary practices, such as single-vet offices, small domestic animal practices, and farm vets, to deliver care more efficiently.

Comodo’s Endpoint Manager Offers Centralized Visibility and Control

Over the years, Teleos has built a strong reputation for delivering world-class customer support.

“We constantly access client computers as part of our support,” explains Masters.

Having an  easy-to-use  remote access solution that’s efficient and cost-effective was essential to their ongoing success. Teleos turned to Comodo. They chose Comodo’s Endpoint Manager for the centralized viability, reporting, and control available through its single pane-of-glass dashboard.

With this complete framework, Teleos obtained the capabilities of multiple endpoint security and information technology (IT) management solutions. 

“Comodo’s solutions make [accessing client computers] simple and painless,” says Masters. “We are able to be proactive with our customers—problems are flagged to us first, which means we can approach our customers with a solution rather than react to an issue.”

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Provides Industry-Leading Breach Prevention

Teleos’ leaders knew they needed to leverage the world’s most innovative solutions if they were to protect their customers from attacks. With Comodo’s auto-containment technology (AEP), Teleos now relies on a unique, patent-pending auto containment technology for protection against even previously undiscovered “zero-day” threats. 

“We cannot stress enough how important it is for us to offer the most innovative cyber breach prevention to our customers,” Masters says. “With Comodo’s AEP, I can sleep well at night knowing our customers won’t suffer damage from a cyber attack.”

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