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Confession may be good for the soul. But it certainly isn’t good for the millions of poor souls using your “hackable” Internet Security products.

You can’t make this stuff up! Within days of Symantec’s and Norton’s embarrassing “hacker-breach” announcement, a spokesman for McAfee has stepped forward to admit that they too have discovered a flaw in McAfee SaaS. A flaw that makes McAfee’s claim of Total Protection, well….less than totally true.

Here it is in black and white. Dateline – January 19, 2012. Reuters Science & Technology Editor Jim Finkle reports: “The flaw was in a piece of software that McAfee customers install on their PCs. The flaw could enable hackers to send spam from machines of McAfee SaaS for Total Protection customers. Company engineers were working to fix the bug.

We hope so! In fact, for the sake of the millions of McAfee Internet Security Software users out there, we hope those engineers consider fixing a lot more than THIS bug. After all, in the latest Matousec Proactive Security Challenge, McAfee Software only scored 3% out of 100%. A score that earned them no more than a rating of “POOR” from Matousec.

Meanwhile Comodo Internet Security Premium, which also endured Matousec’s latest gauntlet of 110 grueling tests, took top honors with a score of 94%.

Are you a user of Norton or McAfee Internet Security Technology? Or perhaps one of the many other brand names that spend millions hyping products with bombastic claims that, lately, seem to leave you and your PC holding the bag?

Then consider this from Comodo President and CEO MelihAbdulhayoglu:

Comodo is all about SCIENCE. Never hype. We devote ourselves to achieving technological advances, not devising fancy advertising campaigns. Comodo R&D is relentless, and our developers are top-notch. They never stop searching for the best way to apply the latest technology. And if that doesn’t satisfy them, they simply invent what’s needed themselves. This is why we’ve reached revered cult status among knowledgeable Internet Security Software users the world over. And it’s why we’re the ONLY Internet Security Software developer with enough confidence in our products to offer buyers a $500 Virus-Free Guarantee.”

McAfee and Norton users, we’re here for you. Just visit our website and you’ll see.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

– Glenn Scheuer

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