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In the world of managed information technology (IT) services, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Sunergo IT is a boutique IT solutions firm that specializes in delivering high value services with a personal touch. Its customers, mainly in the legal industry, value the depth of the company’s commitment to honesty, trust and individual relationships.

“We like being a very small managed service provider (MSP),” says Benjamin Schramm, Managing Member at Sunergo IT. “We prefer operating on a micro scale. It allows us to know everyone’s workstation and understand their challenges. It lets us recreate the personal touch that technology might otherwise take away. Our clients know that we’re more than a question and answer bot behind a computer.”

Without access to the economies of scale larger managed service providers (MSP) benefit from, Sunergo IT has been challenged to find the right vendor partners. Some larger vendors charged high prices for their solutions, with an ever-increasing array of hidden fees. Or, their salespeople left Schramm feeling like his company was “an inferior micro MSP.” Other vendors offered solutions with clunky user interfaces (UIs) or poor integrations that were time-consuming and awkward to manage.


Comodo’s Dragon Platform: Right-Sized for the Smaller MSP

“We were looking for a remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool that natively included all the most important capabilities, including remote desktop, anti-virus software, and robust endpoint protection,” says Schramm. “With the Dragon Platform and Comodo’s Endpoint Manager, everything Comodo offers is seamlessly integrated into a single dashboard. Plus, Comodo is an industry leader in security.”

The Dragon Platform includes full-featured RMM capabilities, as well as a comprehensive suite of security solutions, including managed firewall, intrusion detection, website filtering, vulnerability scanning, host intrusion protection, anti-virus software, and advanced endpoint protection. All are accessible from an easy-to-use pane-of-glass dashboard, allowing for centralized visibility, reporting, and control.

The Benefits: Saving Time, Labor, and Costs

With Comodo’s Dragon Platform and Endpoint Manager, Sunergo IT gets as much functionality as it would from multiple endpoint security and IT management solutions. The system’s lightweight footprint also means it uses fewer compute resources. It even incorporates Comodo’s patented auto-containment technology, which takes a uniquely proactive approach to breach prevention by keeping unknown files from damaging endpoint devices.

“Comodo is allowing me to work more efficiently,” says Schramm. “I can minimize my customers’ downtime, enable new features for them, and easily address issues. Comodo mirrors the same devotion I show to my clients, empowering me to work smarter, and freeing time I can use to earn my next client. Without this system, I simply would not be where I am today.”

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