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The technology of our age has taught us to expect split second results. Your iPhone Apps appear at your command. Your TV Remote gives you any program you want instantly. And your printer spits out high-def, color docs before you can reach the machine.

So you expect nothing less from your PC. Right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, what we’ve all learned to expect from our PCs is that: 1) the longer we use them, the slower they get, and 2) restoring their speed by using system cleaning software is frightening because it can lead to valuable file loss.

But SHOULD we expect less from our computers than we expect from a TV Remote? Of course not! So why do we?

Why your PC seems to get a little slower every time you use it.

While the most troubling answer to the question of why a PC gets slower is virus infection, there are less sinister culprits to consider as well. PC response rate slows when registry entries, like installed programs or applications, obsolete archives and old undeleted files, pile up. Not only are all of these PC stumbling blocks, between every single fragment of them, memory spaces reside that impede your PC, too.

Why using System Cleaning software leaves so many of us wringing our hands in dread.

Just for a moment, think of all the clutter clogging your computer’s memory as a messy room. This room may be littered with a lot of junk you don’t need, but it also contains quite a few valuable possessions you want to keep. Now think of the typical system cleaning software as a very powerful vacuum cleaner. Its job is to vacuum up all the unneeded clutter. And, in so doing, return your PC to top speed and performance.

But the dilemma most system cleaning “vacuums” pose is caused by the indiscriminant nature of their intake. The fact is, most system cleaning software will “suck up” some of your valuable files right along with the clutter. – Yikes! Talk about hand wringing dread!

Comodo System Utilities comes with SafeDelete®. The safeguard feature that ends file loss and hand wringing dread.

Comodo has developed a solution to the “indiscriminant vacuum” dilemma called Comodo System Utilities (CSU). CSU is a FREE downloadable disk, registry and privacy cleaner that features a unique, patent-pending technological advance called SafeDelete® . SafeDelete removes PC user dread because it’s a failsafe feature that allows you to pause the “vacuuming” process if ever necessary, to reach in and take back out any valued file you don’t wish to have deleted.

Additionally, Comodo System Utilities:

  • Gives you a worry-free go-ahead to “deep clean” your PC
  • Removes disk registry log jams
  • Clears out unneeded duplicate files
  • Erases obsolete archives and digital paper trails
  • Deletes cookies, cache, history and usage records
  • Helps to protect your privacy and identity
  • Prevents the accidental deletion of critical data
  • Restores your PCs speed and performance

Now you can restore your computer’s high performance and speed without worrying about losing valuable files in the process. Thanks to Comodo R&D you can clean your system safely for FREE. (Or you can get a full year of ultra-thorough deep cleaning with CSU PRO for just $29.99.) So pick one and try it!

And stop letting your TV Remote embarrass your PC!

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

–          Glenn Scheuer