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Browser Hacker
When is a computer virus not a computer virus? When it is Vosteran.
It may enter your computer unnoticed and change your internet browsers settings such as your home page and default search engine. It can redirect your URL entries to advertisements that may download malicious software.

Technically it is not a virus, but a browser hi-jacker. The program comes bundled with freeware and shareware and that is why in most cases computer users do not notice how it enters their system. It attacks all majors browsers.

Browser hackers are difficult to get rid of, but people seem to be particularly frustrated with Vosteran. Some even recommend wiping your hard drive and re-installing your operating system and all software as the only way to be sure it is removed.

I recently had personal experience with it an can attest that it can be removed, but with some effort. My daughter Ashley just got new laptop for Christmas. Her old one was only 2 years old, but was performing so poorly that it was not usable. I told her to give it to me.

Of course, when I finished virus and spyware scanning, removing browser addons, and shutting down unnecessary services the performance problem was resolved. No matter how many times I tell my kids how to maintain their computers they never listen. Of course, I listened to everything my parents told me when I was their ages. (Not)

In this case, though, Vosteran was a tough one to beat. No matter what I did, it appeared to be impacting my browsers. It controlled my hope page and I think was the reason links kept getting diverted.

Here is how I solved it:
1. Uninstalled all browsers (Chrome, Firefox) from system except Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer was impacted by Vosteron because I could not change the home page away from Vosteron’, but it was the only usable browser I had left because it was not redirecting my URL entires.

2. Searched for any files or folders that Chrome or Firefox in hopes of removing residual components.

3. Ran a registry cleaner to also ensure there are no residual components.

4. Downloaded and installed the Comodo Dragon and IceDragon browsers provides which have enhanced security and privacy features.

This is not a shameless plug for Comodo, not that there would be anything wrong with that. It was really the only thing I could think of because no matter how many times I re installed or reset Chrome and Firefox and they kept showing symptoms of Vosteron or other problems.

Afterwards, I found recommendations on removing that Vosteran that matched my steps but instead of installing different browsers it said to reset your browsers to their original settings. I had actually tried this and it did not seem to work!

Since I had not uninstalled Internet Explorer and it had some of the Vosteron symptoms, but to be safe I deactivated it in Control Panel–> Program Files .

I have used the laptop every day for the past three weeks and no signs of Vosteron or any other issues.

Thanks Ashley! It runs like new.