How to Remove Awola Rogue Anti-Spyware Reading Time: 3 minutes

One of the most popular malware programs used by criminal hackers to defraud computer users is called Awola.  Awola and its variants are “rogue anti spyware” and appear exactly like an authenticate anti-spyware application to deceive  the user and to infect the computer system with other malicious code.

The Awola antispyware application enters the computer by utilizing malware like Trojans or by exploiting the security holes found in various web browsers. A cybercrimal can also manually download and install the rogue application from Awola homepage. It also performs a complete scan of your computer system at regular intervals ultimately providing a false error report. The main intention of the rogue anti-spyware is to sell the complete version of the malicious program to the computer user by pretending to be like an original anti-spyware application and thereby stealing the user’s financial and other personal information.

How to Remove Awola Rogue Anti-Spyware

How to Remove Awola.AntiSpyware from Your Computer

Delete all the Widows Registry keys, files, registry values and registry values associated with Awola.AntiSpyware in order to dispose the Awola.AntiSpyware from the infected system.

How to Delete Awola.AntiSpyware Files

To delete files and folders infected with Awola.Antispyware, browse all the files and folders one by one using File Explorer. For each path use special conventions which varies for each Windows Version / Language. Select the infected folder or files and then press SHIFT+Delete

Dialog box appears for the user to confirm the deletion of the selected Files and Folders

If any of the File is locked by the use of some application at the back end, the deletion of the file is difficult and so it fails to get deleted. There is an alternative solution to delete the locked files. It can be done with RemoveOnReboot utility.

  1. Right click on the locked file,
  2. Choose to Select Send To,
  3. Then Remove on Next Reboot on the menu.
  4. Reboot your system.

How delete Awola.AntiSpyware from the Windows Registry

The Windows Registry accumulates all the critical and vital information of the system like user settings, details of the installed programs and applications, system preferences and also information on the applications that run automatically at start-up. This is the reason why malware that invades the user’s system often store citations to their files in the Windows Registry to launch automatically every time the user starts the computer.

Deletion of all the registry values and keys that are related to Awola.AntiSpyware from the Registry Keys section and the Registry Values section is mandatory to purge out the Awola.AntiSpyware from the Windows registry.

Registry is the principal element of the Windows system. So to avoid any mishap, backup of the registry is very much essential before deleting keys and values.

How to remove the Awola.AntiSpyware registry values and keys:

  • From the START menu, Select Run
  • Type regedit in the Open Box
  • This helps the user to open The Registry Editor Window
  • There are two panes in the Registry Editor Window
  • The pane located to the left displays folders representing the hierarchical order of the registry keys The right pane accommodates the registry values of the registry keys that are currently selected

Steps to delete each Registry key listed in the Registry Keys section

  • Display the key in the Registry Editor window in the left pane by enlarging the folders as stated by the path indicated in the Registry Keys section.
  • Right click on the specific key and choose to delete it
  • Dialog appears for confirmation, Click Yes to delete the specific key

Steps to delete each Registry Value that is listed in the Registry Values Section

  • Locate the Registry value in the Registry Editor window that is in the right pane by enlarging the folders as stated by the path indicated in the Registry Values Section and also select the specified Key name
  • Right Click on the specific value and Delete it
  • Dialog appears to confirm deletion, to confirm, click Yes

Ways to protect computer from Awola

Protect and secure your computer from Awola by following a few tips:

  • A good antivirus software plays a critical role to protect and safeguard the computer from malware. Installing Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 will provide complete protection.
  • The most important of all is to stay updated with the installed antivirus.
  • Configure automatic updates of the antivirus on to the system.
  • Enable antivirus protection permanently at all times