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Today, we’re always on the go. For business and pleasure. And millions of us take a laptop, Blackberry or another wireless device with us. To airports, hotels, coffee shops, or just out onto our back patio. Once there, it’s easy to focus on writing an email, sending a business presentation, paying a few bills, or buying a hot outfit with one click and a credit card number. So easy in fact that we often forget there are cyber-crooks lying in wait everywhere. Maybe just three seats away at your airport gate, four tables over in your local coffee shop, or just a block away from your own home. And make no mistake. Hackers live to snatch your credit card numbers, sell your presentation to your competitors, or steal every penny in your bank account. The unvarnished truth is, cyber-crooks have become so proficient that their public thievery has reached pandemic proportions! What can you do to protect yourself?

In today’s world, equipping your laptop or Blackberry with wireless security software has become essential. This way, whether you’re home or on the go, every key stroke you send is instantly encrypted. And only decrypted at the rightful recipient’s point of reception. Good wireless software will stop identity theft, hacker interceptions, credit card phishers and even total denial of service. And Comodo offers you the very best:

Comodo TrustConnect
This is wireless security software par excel lance. It keeps your ID and your information private and out of the hands of criminals during all online sessions. Wherever you are, whatever type of equipment you’re using, no matter whether you’re on a public Wi-Fi connection or not, our wireless Internet Security software keeps you totally secure. No hacker can intercept or steal any information sent or received during your online sessions. In fact, they can’t even determine where your information is coming from. Why? Because Comodo TrustConnect creates a bubble-like shield that stops anyone from scanning the system from the local network you’re using to connect to the Internet. TrustConnect encrypts Web site addresses, instant messaging, personal information, plain text usernames, passwords and other important information that is typically broadcast in the clear.

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