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The Internet is rapidly becoming the world’s No.1 communications medium. Literally hundreds of millions of people are on the Web every day. But not everyone and everything there is harmless. Armies of cyber-crooks prowl the Web, too. Along with more viruses than anyone can count. The fact is most of us have had a computer problem due to one of them, and we never even knew that was the reason why. So how do you protect yourself and your computer from all these hackers, phishers, bogus Web sites, viruses and other malware?

I strongly suggest that you start by using a very Secure Web Browser to help protect yourself from everything from a stolen credit card number to a frozen screen. Next, avoid buying from unscrupulous online merchants by choosing to purchase only from safe sites that exhibit either a Buyer Protection Seal, a Consumer Protection Padlock, a Consumer Feedback Link, or a Browser bar that turns green as soon as you type in the site’s URL. Finally, invest in good AntiSpam Software to remove annoying emails from your inbox, as well as Instant Messaging Software to protect your IMs from viruses, interceptions and mischievous message changers. Take a step in the right direction. Here are three excellent solutions to get you started:

Comodo Dragon, the Chromium technology-based Browser that offers you all of Google’s Chrome Browser features PLUS the unparalleled level of security and privacy you only get from Comodo. Learn More

Comodo Unite, lets you set up a secure and encrypted Virtual Private Network with one or more other computers so you can safely share most any kind of files. Including music, photos, multi-player gaming sessions, or just friendly chats via messaging services. Learn More