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Internet SecurityTripp Technologies, a four-year-old IT and Web design service provider based in Portland, Me., sold its first install of Comodo Internet Security months before joining the Comodo Partner Secure Program, when a virus stopped a customer dead in his tracks. And it worked. The customer’s reaction was electric.

“He couldn’t stop talking about how grateful he was,” recalls Mike Hogan, Tripp’s director of operations. “This was a commercial accountant last year at tax time; one of his clients unknowingly passed him a virus on a flash drive—he never did learn which one it was out of all the flash drives customers gave him—and it took this guy’s whole company down in the middle of tax season. We set him up with Comodo and that was all it took to get him back in business, absolutely virus-free. He said we saved him thousands and thousands of dollars,” Hogan said.

It was Hogan who brought Comodo Internet Security Pro, which guarantees protection against viruses and malware by focusing on prevention, not simply detection, to the attention of Tripp Technologies President Stephen Tripp, after testing it on his own that January. Hogan said he “beat up on the software” before proposing to offer it to customers, including that fortunate accountant, and Tripp and his techs were impressed—so much so that they immediately sought out the Comodo Partner Secure Program.

Ever since, according to Tripp, in an interview on Comodo. tv, his company has sold more copies of Comodo to its end users than any other antivirus solution. And, based in Portland – Maine’s business, financial and retail capital and home to some 230,000 residents in the metro area alone – Tripp Technologies has a lot of end users.

Guaranteed to Boost Sales

Tripp said selling Comodo Internet Security Pro is a “nobrainer,” first because it works out of sight, out of mind; second, because it’s backed by live, lifesaving 24/7 365 remote support for security and Windows-related issues; and third – but not least – because the package is backed by Comodo’s industry-unique $500 virus-free guarantee.
According to Tripp, Comodo Internet Security Pro sells itself on the strength of that guarantee, and its prowess in ridding users’ systems of unsafe and questionable files. Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 proves its worth in Portland time and again in real-time protection against viruses, trojans, adware, spyware and other malware threats.

While other antivirus products depend on signature updates alone, Comodo offers Auto Sandbox Technology™ that protects users from even unknown threats. “When we show (customers) a product that says… Here. No problems,” they go, “Oh, sign me up,” Tripp said. “Every other antivirus company that we’ve dealt with has received viruses. There has not been one that has been, ‘Rock solid, OK, I have never gotten a virus with this product before.’

So for any company to warranty themselves against that, we could see why you guys (Comodo) can do that, because of the strength of the firewall, I mean it just blocks everything. It’s kind of a nobrainer.It actually sells itself.”

Freeing Up Customers to Spend More

But might it sell itself too well? After all, Tripp advertises spyware and virus removal prominently among its PC, networking and technology solutions for homes and small to medium sized businesses (and, in an exclusive deal, the students of New England University). Doesn’t selling a product that guarantees their customers need never return for repeat antivirus work take billable hours off Tripp’s table?

Not according to Hogan.

“This partnership is very good for us in the long run. Comodo makes our customers very happy, which is part of our ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ pledge; it frees up companies to spend with us to upgrade their equipment; and it takes antivirus off our plate. To be honest, when people have to come in over and over again with malware issues, that’s work that’s kind of annoying and monotonous. We haven’t had to deal with a lot of that since signing with Comodo,” Hogan said.

But, he added, if there is a problem for his techs or a customer in working with Comodo Internet Security Pro, “We just push a button on the dashboard and Comodo’s technicians come right on and take care of it. And they’re excited to help; they want to help,” Hogan said.
Leveraging Partner Secure
As a member of Comodo’s Partner Secure Program, Tripp Technologies enjoys additional benefits: instant access to an extensive array of sales, marketing, training, and support tools that help it profit from selling the broad range of Comodo security products, including Comodo Endpoint Security Manager, which combines the unparalleled malware prevention of Comodo Internet Security software with powerful central administration features for businesses with dozens to thousands of PCs.

Moreover, Comodo’s Partner Secure program includes aggressive margins, marketing support, internal use discounts, free demo products and business development support.

And it gives resellers options, offering channel partners such as Tripp Technologies four categories of partnership to choose from: Associate, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with ever-deepening and -broadening benefits. That means help with promotions, expanded product offerings, higher margins and potential membership in our partner council. Comodo Partner Secure is dedicated to providing channel partners with a vast line of profitable products and marketing tools to support sales of SSL certificates and security solutions, all part of a nationwide network leveraging sales incentives and marketing assistance.

Comodo Channel Partners are able to offer their customers products from a full line of antivirus, endpoint security, remote access and managed remote access products, all of which adds up to guaranteed customer satisfaction and room for more opportunity at Tripp Technologies.

“Essentially, in researching the product and looking at comparison charts, we found Comodo in there, and then we turned around and found it had a virus-free guarantee and a warranty, and the rest is history,” Tripp said.

Want to hear more? Check out Stephen Tripp, president of Tripp Technologies of Portland, Me., explaining how Comodo Internet Security Pro sells itself – and drives new business – on And resellers, find out more about the value you can offer your customers as a Channel Partner and SSL Reseller when you join our nationwide network leveraging Comodo Partner Secure.