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You may have heard about a new Java Zero Day exploit that is causing a bit of a panic. Well, “new” is a relative term since Oracle apparently has known about the problem since April. It has only just become hot news this week as Computerworld reports that the exploit has been added to “Blackhole”, a popular hacker’s toolkit, and is being served up by hundreds of unique domains.

The problem is considered so serious that many experts, including Mozilla’s team, have recommended users disable the current version of Java. Not very helpful if you need to use sites that require Java in your browser and, by the way, that assumes the user knows how!

What exactly is the threat?
As with most Java vulnerabilities, this vulnerability is exploited via browser applet. A Java applet is a small application written in the Java programming language that runs within your Web browser. Normally, just within your browser.

If you are unlucky enough to browse to a site that serves you the Java exploit it will trick your system into granting full access to your computer! It then downloads and executes malware that can wreak havoc on your computer and your life.

Are you protected? Maybe not!
Antivirus Software like Norton or Kaspersky only addresses viruses that have been identified and added to a blacklist of known viruses. They will eventually update their blacklist for this specific issue and when you get their latest update you will be ok, until the next Java exploit or virus is unleashed on the world.

You see, you are always running to stay ahead of the latest villain on the loose!

Stop running!
Comodo Internet Security (CIS) automatically locks such villains behind bars, in a manner of speaking, so they never become a threat. I am always protected. Guaranteed.

Protect yourself now!

How CIS protects me from a Java Exploit ?

When we designed Comodo Internet Security (CIS), we realized we had to switch from a traditional ‘reactive’ security model to a ‘proactive’, default-deny model if we were to genuinely protect the end-user. CIS implements multiple levels of protection to ensure user systems cannot be compromised by vulnerabilities like this.

The Auto Sandbox Technology™ built into CIS is a restricted virtual operating environment for untrusted programs. Any untrusted application is automatically sand-boxed and run in an environment where it can do no harm to the user’s computer.

The result is that the malware that is downloaded runs in the sandbox, where it can’t harm your computer. The end user is seamlessly protected against the threat AND can continue to use their browser with any interruption.

Impressed? So are we – in fact we’re so impressed that we uniquely offer a $500 ‘virus free’ guarantee to each “CIS Pro or Complete” customer. If your computer gets infected by a virus and CIS doesn’t protect you then we pay up.

Are you ready to be protected NOW?

You can download the fully functioning free edition or get even more protection with the Pro edition at

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