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How to Use CIS Protocol Handlers

Did you know that COMODO Internet Security has its own protocol handlers that allow you to perform certain tasks from a web page?

This includes tasks like opening a web page from a sandboxed browser, or starting a virus database update etc.

CIS 2013 supports several protocol handlers listed below. If you want to try them, you can install CIS 2013 free. Just go to: http://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/free-internet-security.php

1 – safe://

This protocol is used to open any URL with a sandboxed browser.

For example: Try safe://www.google.com

The URL will be open in a sandboxed browser. Note the green border:

2 – kiosk://
Like the previous one, opens the URL from COMODO Virtual Kiosk.

E.g. try kiosk://www.google.com

URL will display in a browser from the kiosk:

3 – comodo://antivirus.Update

This command can be used in a hyperlink to Antivirus database update.

E.g. Update your virus database now! Link to comodo://antivirus.Update

Update should start if you clicked example above.

4 – comodo://antivirus.Scan?predefined=quick : this command starts a quick scan.

E.g. Scan your computer now! Link to comodo://antivirus.Scan?predefined=quick

You should see quick scanning started if you clicked on the link above:

We use these protocol handlers while dealing with our customers. Especially when we want them to scan their computers or update their databases through email.


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