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Mozilla Firefox, the most widely known open source best internet browser, has officially rolled out Firefox 24, the latest update with 17 critical security patches to fix vulnerabilities. As a result of the Syrian attacks which threatened personal identity on the web, the level of attention the industry has given to security threats and vulnerabilities such as patches and updates has continued to increase. Mozilla released the new browser update which provides a more secure browsing experience on September 17th. The new version of Firefox 24 is also available on all platforms including, Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile OS Android.

In their official statement, Mozilla confirmed they are fixing a slew of memory related security issues. They found signs of memory corruption which will be removed after a select HTML element is disabled. The update process is also geared towards focusing on the Mozilla Archive or MAR file. News indicates that Firefox 25, the next version to be released, is currently under development with improved feature integration and usability. More information regarding the release date of the upcoming version is vague but you can expect Mozilla to come up with a product that is on par with what the security industry demands in the next few months.

In addition to back end security patch fixes and vulnerability removal, Mozilla is also working on improving the user experience. One such update focused on user experience, Australis, is a complete intuitive redesign of the entire Firefox interface expected to be rolled out with future browser versions. With Australis, Firefox will have a more intuitive drag and drop approach for browser customization, allowing users to focus on prominent tabs when browsing is in process. The next version of Firefox will be tested in Beta form as Mozilla predicts plenty of bugs that will need to be fixed before its release to the general masses. With computers moving towards sleek and touch-friendly designs, Firefox is expected to become more lightweight and easy on the resources in near future.