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Email Certificates
How important is your email communication? Would it be a problem if someone intercepted it? What if someone modified it before reaching the recipient or simply sent email impersonating as yours?

Many people are discovering the hard way that unsecure email can be a very real problem. Much of the focus in internet security has been securing web sites and personal computers. Hackers are always looking for weak links and they have found internet email an attractive target.

Digital email certificates, similar to the certificates that secure web sites may be the answer.

There are three challenges to email security that digital certificates address:

Assurance:  You need to assure the recipients of your email that it is actually from you.
Integrity: You need to make sure that if your message is compromised in any way, such as infected with a virus, that the recipient is aware of the threat.
Encryption: Your message needs to be encoded to ensure that no one other than the intended recipient can read it.

Like the SSL Certificates that provide encrypted communication and assurance for web sites, email certificates are issues by trusted Certificate Authorities like Comodo.  Comodo Secure Certificates let you,

o  digitally sign emails to prove that the attachments and email content actually came from you.
o  easily encrypt your emails and ensure that the attachments and messages may only be read by the intended recipients.
0  ensure that it is impossible for anyone to edit the content of your mail without the recipient being alerted.

Just as SSL Certificates require that they be trusted by browsers, digital email certificates must be trusted by email clients. Comodo Secure Certificates are trusted by 99% of email clients, including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.