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The market for managed security services is growing rapidly. Information technology (IT) infrastructures are more complex and attackers are deploying an ever-increasing array of nefarious tactics. This is particularly true among small and medium enterprises (SMEs), whose leaders realize that they lack the resources, especially staffing, to handle today’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges. 

For an industry-leading integrator like Data Partner Inc., this trend presents valuable growth opportunities. Founded in 2001, Data Partner has long cultivated an exceptional ability to understand its customers’ business models, IT organizations, and distinctive needs. 

“We understand the intimacy of being an extension of an IT organization,” says Connie Mack, CEO of Data Partner, Inc. “Delivery is a cornerstone of our business model, and we take pride in our tailored solutions and customer experiences.” 

With this boots-on-the-ground familiarity with their customers’ IT departments, Data Partner was also well versed in the nature of the cybersecurity risks they currently face. The company’s leaders realized the industry’s status quo for preventing breaches was in need of a complete overhaul. That’s why Data Partner wanted to expand into managed security services. 

Comodo’s SOCaaP: Truly Comprehensive Security Operations Support 

Data Partner needed additional security operations center (SOC) support. It found comprehensive threat detection, incident analysis, and full-scale remediation capabilities in Comodo’s new next-generation SOC-as-a-platform (SOCaaP) offering. Comodo’s SOCaaP includes the people, processes, and technology an aspiring managed security service provider (MSSP) needs to expand its portfolio of service offerings. 

Data Partner had long worked with Comodo as a reseller partner, so its team already understood Comodo’s commitment to helping its partners reach their goals.

“Our SOCaaP provided everything Data Partner needed to make the transition into an MSSP,” says Alan Knepfer, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Comodo. “Our goal is to serve our partners in such a positive way that we change their businesses for the better. Our mutual growth with Data Partner is a perfect example of this.” 

Zero False Positives With the World’s Only Active Breach Protection

Since Data Partner has its platform running in a real-world customer environment, it has achieved an impressive false positive ratio of zero. This is because Comodo’s SOCaaP is natively integrated with Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection platform, which takes advantage of the company’s groundbreaking auto-containment technology. This is the world’s only active breach protection technology to render ransomware, malware, and other types of cyberattacks useless by preventing unknown files from damaging endpoint devices or gaining access to networks.

“Comodo’s auto-containment technology introduced us to a radically new and far superior way of preventing breaches,” says Mack.

Want additional information on how Comodo’s highly capable SOCaaP can help you grow your IT services business? Check out Comodo’s Partner Program to learn more.

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