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By the end of today, it will have happened again. Just like it did yesterday. And will again tomorrow.

From the back room of a dank fourth floor walk up in Brooklyn; an elite penthouse in Paris; a rundown computer repair shop outside Moscow; a dorm room in Tokyo; and tens of thousands of other locations just as disparate. More than 50,000 new viruses, Trojans, worms and other malicious malware will be spawned, nurtured and released onto the Internet. Fifty thousand of them! And they will accomplish this today. Just as they do every day.

The “they” I speak of are the world’s motley rabble of immoral digital thugs. 21st Century psychopaths bent on proving their technological chops, compounding their illicit business gains, or just having perverse fun. Yet “they” are always in total disregard of the losses experienced by the rest of us. They steal untold millions in cash, cause even greater damage through site corruption,  abuse the identities of whole citizenries, and in their wake they trigger PC slowdown, monitor freeze, file corruption, document loss, chronic system crash, and the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” on just about every computer everywhere.

Including yours….sooner or later.

Yet these high-tech anarchists have little to fear in a world in which their numbers grow larger and more daring every year. Because all the world’s legislators, judiciaries, law enforcers and penal institutions can’t seem to capture, prosecute and incarcerate any more than one percent of them per annum!

The picture I’ve just painted is accurate, not hyperventilated paranoia. You see, like very few others, we at Comodo rededicate ourselves daily to the relentless pursuit of malicious Internet activities. To tracking them, analyzing them, and developing the technology it takes to stymie them. Our promise to the public is this. The serious scientific investigation, experimentation and next generation advances achieved by Comodo’s international consortium of R&D Centers will never cease. And will always strive to provide every PC user with the guidance, protection and reparative services you need. To defeat these digital felons. To tour the Internet without fear of infection susceptibility. And to use your PC problem-free.

The one Free Scan, Restorative Web Site every PC users should visit.

Recently, the scientists at Comodo announced the creation of a special Web site that any PC user who suspects their computer might be exhibiting symptoms of malware infection can turn to for help that’s unsullied by crass sales hype. Comodo R&D recommends that ALL PC USERS turn to to obtain the kind of FREE SCAN only Comodo would offer.

Nothing like those superficial, slam-bam-scam-scans that culminate in a snake oil product pitch, Comodo’s comprehensive assistance consists of a FREE 30 DAY SYSTEM-WIDE HEALTH CHECK that concludes with an honest assessment of existing problems and best practice solutions.

Anyone who visits is immediately struck by its scientific rather than commercial point of view. By the compassionate yet concise way it explains the deadly serious threat viruses pose to us all. And by how Comodo can rid your PC of all malware like no one else can. Then keep your PC clean and healthy from that day forward. presents Comodo’s unique, patent-pending technological advances in layman’s language. It offers actual proof of Comodo’s success with over 40 million PCs, in contrast to the bombastic claims and empty hype served up by so many of our competitors. It provides a guarantee no other protective Internet software company matches. And it extends an invitation to all PC users to join the millions of satisfied users of Windows Antivirus and Internet Security software from Comodo, for an astonishingly cost efficient annual fee. is THE ONE FREE SCAN WEB SITE EVERY PC USER SHOULD VISIT. To rid your PC of the malware that’s plaguing it, or that you suspect is just starting to affect your computer, or that you want to preemptively defend against.

Frankly, this is the one Free Scan Web Site you’ll never regret having visited. Because it is based on solid science not flimsy hype.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

–          Glenn Scheuer

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