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An award-winning independent information security consultancy firm serving global customers across diverse industries, CyberSecOp is also a vision- and mission-driven organization. Its goal is to provide customers with an exceptional quality of service along with enterprise-grade security delivered with innovative strategies and best-of-breed solutions. 

CyberSecOps offers a full complement of managed security services, including staffing, consulting, security operations support, incident response, breach management and board-level strategic leadership consulting through its virtual chief information security officer program.

As companies confront the realities of today’s challenging threat landscape, CyberSecOps is seeing growing demand for security operations services from its customers. To help them meet compliance requirements, protect their IT infrastructures and boost resilience, the company sought a parter who offered a full-managed security operations center (SOC) solution.

It found the ideal match for its needs in Comodo’s new Security Operations Center-as-a-platform (SOCaaP) offering.

Winning Partnership Provides a Unique Solution
Comodo’s SOCaaP is like none other. It’s the world’s only comprehensive next-generation SOCaaP that includes all the people, processes and technology that managed security service providers (MSSPs) need in order to expand their portfolio of services for their clients. It’s fully integrated with Comodo’s patented auto-containment technology, which offers groundbreaking breach protection that prevents malware, ransomware and other malicious files from infecting end user devices. 

“Once we saw Comodo’s complete SOC-as-a-platform offering for MSSP partners and its ingenious auto-containment technology, we knew they were the right partner for us,” says Jeffrey Walker, Chief Information Security Officer at CyberSecOp. “Occasionally, we have a partnership that our firm can’t survive without, and we are confident that this is the relationship we are building with Comodo.”

Impressive Results in Real-World Customer Environments
Since partnering with Comodo to implement the SOCaaP solution, CyberSecOp has seen zero false positives in customer environments. The solution is saving CyberSecOp’s team time and money. It’s also enabling them to decrease both incident response times and time-to-resolution in their day-to-day operations. This means CyberSecOp’s customers benefit from a significant reduction in the risk of a breach.

“We dropped a solution from a major enterprise vendor because Comodo’s SOCaaP literally eliminates all false positives,” says Walker. “It also reduces attacker dwell time to mere minutes or even seconds.” 

Through their new partnership with Comodo, CyberSecOp is able to deliver in-demand services and innovative new solutions, as well as live up to their vision to keep its customers satisfied, secure and competitive.

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