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What do you do when your network is infected and nothing you do can get rid of the problem? Fetco™ Home Decor, a leading designer and wholesaler of photograph frames, photo albums, office decor, and home accent pieces, had just such a problem.

They had discovered a virus outbreak within the firm which persistently re-infected user’s desktop computers via a deeply hidden infection on the file server.

Although AVG Antivirus was being used as the company’s Antivirus protection software, and MX Logic (now McAfee SaaS) was being used for managed email protection, the firm was still infected. The Fetco Home Decor Chief Financial Officer contacted their managed service provider (MSP), one of the nation’s leading IT services, for assistance.

The MSP’s team reached out to an IT security expert for assistance. The expert had previous experience with Comodo’s Business & Enterprise Support Team (B.E.S.T.) to de-contaminate another organization, and recommended them for this problem. The Comodo team worked with the IT security expert and MSP to analyze the Fetco environment and remove the infection.

Based on that successful experience, Fetco made the decision for their MSP to remove the existing antivirus software provider and deploy Endpoint Security Manager from Comodo. The unique Default Deny™ Architecture and patent pending Auto Sandbox™ Technology would help ensure that this, or any other virus, could not infect the computers of the firm.

The team was able to trace the root cause of the virus and discovered that the outbreak was introduced via a malicious email. The existing managed email protection service was thus removed and switched to Comodo’s Antispam Gateway service, providing the ability to prevent and filter malicious attachments, virus and malware threats, phishing attacks, and automated spambots, while reducing the overall amount of junk mail. The migration away from the former managed email service to Comodo’s ASG was extremely simple. Since ASG is a cloud-based service, the firm’s MX records were simply re-directed to point to the CASG cloud-based servers, which immediately started mail filtering.

“We really thought we were protected by our existing AV and managed email service. This virus was a drain on our resources. The experts from Comodo and our MSP got us fixed and provided a real approach for security. We will no longer take for granted that all solutions are created equal.”Michael Ricciarelli, CFO

The new environment provided an advanced layered approach with ASG at the perimeter, providing the first line of defense by actively filtering malicious attachments and virus & malware threats before they even hit the company network. Finally, ESM added its innovative 5 layers of proactive, persistent protection to help ensure Fetco was virtually impenetrable by malware and virus threats — especially unknown executable files. Fetco Home Decor has realized several benefits as a result of the migration to ESM and ASG, most notably a significant reduction in the risk of re-infection. Although the firm was already using established anti virus and managed email tools, they proved ineffective at keeping the firm from getting infected and re-infected. The removal of the harmful effects of the W32.changeup virus from the company network has led to a return to productivity for management and the company workforce.

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