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These days, every Internet Security product’s marketing effort frames it as the best. Sadly, these astounding claims have become so common place that the public is reluctant to believe any of them! And that reluctance has caused a dilemma for Comodo.

As the Internet security engineers with the world’s most prolific R&D Division, Comodo prides itself on developing Internet security software that really IS the most advanced and the most protective. But how can our message possibly be heard above the din of competitors who devote so much of their effort to hype?

Our way is simply by telling it like it is.

Take Comodo Internet Security (CIS) Complete. Simply put, its ability to keep your PC virus-free is more proactive, comprehensive and impenetrable than any other virus prevention software on the market today. This isn’t hype. It’s irrefutable truth. Backed by these six facts:

  • FIRST, CIS Complete employs Comodo’s unique Default Deny Protection. Technology created specifically to ensure that malicious files never even gain entry into your PC.
  • SECOND, CIS Complete features Auto-Sandbox technology that more thoroughly isolates, tests and scrutinizes suspicious files than any other Internet security solution can.
  • THIRD, CIS Complete has Antivirus technology that eliminates all known (as well as all brand new, previously unheard of) viruses, worms and Trojans. With no exceptions. Antivirus technology that’s based on an impenetrable, state-of-the-art, patent-pending White List strategy. Not an archaic Black List strategy.
  • FOURTH, CIS Complete encrypts all data transmitted over wired and wireless Internet connections.
  • FIFTH, CIS Complete includes an ultra-convenient 24/7/365 live chat, Microsoft certified support service that connects remotely to your PC to fix hundreds of problems. – Often while you just sit back and watch!
  • SIXTH, CIS Complete is even bolstered by a Firewall designed to be so secure that it won CNet’s Five Star Award.

See our dilemma? We’ve developed Internet security software that’s so good, so protective, so unassailably the best that, well….it’s impossible to believe! Fortunately, we’ve also come up with a way to turn all you skeptics into believers: The Comodo Internet Security Complete $500 Virus-Free Guarantee.

Comodo is so positive that Comodo Internet Security Complete will keep your PC virus-free that we’ll do what other companies don’t do: Literally put our money where our mouth is! With the following iron-clad guarantee.

If Comodo Internet Security Complete ever fails to prevent your PC from being damaged by malware that we didn’t stop or subsequently rectify remotely, WE will foot the bill for its repair at a Comodo authorized repair center. For up to $500!

But the point of our guarantee isn’t to suggest to those of you who are considering CIS Complete as your Internet security software that we’re anxious to write a bevy of $500 checks. The point is to illustrate to you just how sure we are that we’ll never HAVE to!

Why? Because, in a world of bombastic marketing claims, Comodo Internet Security Complete actually IS what it says it is. The real McCoy. The bona fide leader. The one you CAN believe in. The proof? During the two year period to date that Comodo has extended this one-of-a-kind $500 guarantee, not one Comodo Internet Security Complete software user has ever had any need to take advantage of it. Not one!

Comodo. Science Not Hype.                                                                                                                                                                                            – Glenn Scheuer

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