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The first protection that your data has is password against online data thieves as well as against the people that intent to steal your data physically. But, if your password is so simple that even a kid can crack it with ease, you have no right to blame hackers or other data thieves as you yourself did not protect it properly. A security firm conducted a research on 2 million stolen passwords of the social websites such as Facebook, Twitter and sites like Yahoo and Google. As all the computer users around the world are very well aware of the cleverness and the bitterness of the e-criminals, still, the most popular password that users set was “123456”.

This simple password was found more than 15000 times in the database, which is simply astonishing. The problem with the computer users today is that there are a number of online accounts that a single person operates. It is quite tough for people to memorize that number of different passwords. But, there is no excuse for setting such simple passwords. The tech experts have given some guidelines that are to be followed to set up a password. A strong password is a complex combination of lowercase along with uppercase letters, some numeric characters and symbols make the password even stronger.

You have to remember all those combinations of small and capital letters with numbers and symbols, if you try to write them somewhere or save it in soft copy, these may get leaked. It is also important that you set a password in strong data security software such as Folder Lock whose latest version has the strongest security algorithm and it is solely a data security solution for your data. This software is also available in different Operating Systems such as Android, Windows Phone OS and iOS. But, you have to set up a strong password for that, which is really tough to be guessed.

Another astonishing fact is that the generation that is the most tech savvy, contributes the most in data leakage. A cloud company polled from thousand employees about their habit of United States and Canada and the poll showed them that 37 percent of the employees that did not have any sort of data protection were aged between 20 to 29. This generation is also the one that loses the number of unprotected portable data storing devices. That is very shocking as any sane man would think that this generation is the most educated one with respect to the computer technology.

On the other hand, the generation that is not known for the i.e. aged between 30 to 65 years seem to be more careful in securing their data. More than 50 percent of the employees use data security measures to protect their official data. It is necessary to keep your data secure, if you are in your 20s, you are not likely to take any security precaution that you might not be taking. Keeping your password protected and setting up strong password for that can help you secure your data, so opt for data security measures and strong password.



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