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What do YOU do when PC frustration strikes ?
A) Fix the problem because you’re tech-savvy.
B) Spend 3 hours trying because you’re not.
C) Call a tech-savvy buddy and plead for help.
D) Lug your PC to repair, then pay a huge bill.
E) Read what follows.

In America today, 76% of us own computers. That’s nearly 237 million PC users! Yet while a couple million of us are tech-savvy, over a hundred million of us definitely aren’t.

Not sure which category you fit into? Then take the ten second test below to find out. If you discover you’ve had a similar, or the same, experience as Dave, Katherine, Bob or Nicole, you’re just like most PC users: Challenged.

But take heart. You are also one of the many millions of PC users who are about to benefit greatly. So read on.

DAVE had to make his mortgage payment online by close of business. But at 4:45 PM, he found his computer was running so slowly that he couldn’t make the payment in time! So he missed his deadline in total exasperation.

KATHERINE had to contribute her research findings to a collegiate team paper. But every time she reached line three of the cover email to which she had attached her findings for her team members to read, she watched in amazement as her computer crashed.

BOB got a new car that had to be added to his auto insurance policy. So the first thing he did was open his PC file to review his current policy. But his jaw dropped when he discovered that corruption had destroyed nearly the entire document.

NICOLE bought a new printer for her PC. She studiously followed all eighteen steps from the printer’s manual to connect and install it. Only to discover that it then had to be “configured” as well. How? She had no clue.

Slow PC, crashes, file corruption and configuration are just four of the hundreds of common PC frustrations that plague the millions upon millions of us who depend on our computers daily. Now add the befuddlement so many of us experience when confronted by frustrations like Email Setup, Software Installations, Virus Scanning and Removal and the infamous “Blue Screen of Death,” and the problem becomes clear.

When PC frustration strikes, most of us can’t pick A. Yet we pace the floor seething after having had no choice but to pick B, C or D.

Now Comodo gives you a much better choice. Call it E) GeekBuddy.

GeekBuddy is the most understanding, empathetic and useful PC Problem Solving Service available today. It’s an ingenious invention Comodo R&D engineered precisely to help YOU.

After studying trials of every day PC users as they struggled to solve hundreds of common computer dilemmas, Comodo’s science division concluded that what most PC users desperately needed was a support service that allowed them to reach out for help just by clicking on a desktop icon, anytime day or night. A service that would provide immediate assistance after the PC user initiated a live chat within a pop-up window with an actual, English-speaking, Microsoft certified expert. A savvy pro, ready to solve hundreds of common problems for you. Often within minutes. Right before your eyes.

The Comodo Geekbuddies are live, enthusiastic, science division PC pros, deployed in teams, around the clock, 365 days a year. They are available to all 32 and 64 bit Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP users with high speed Internet connections. And they’re called Buddies for some very good reasons. They are always available, trained to communicate simply (not in techno-babble) and they’re patient, reliable, knowledgeable and efficient.

So, if you’ve ever experienced a PC problem like Dave, Katherine, Bob or Nicole did, or you’ve been stymied by any one of the hundreds of other PC problems that give us all nightmares, you’ve finally been given the opportunity to become empowered!

Comodo’s GeekBuddy Remote, Online, PC Problem Solving Service can be obtained on an annual subscription basis for the incredibly low price of just $49.95. But what’s even more enticing is the fact that, right now, you can initiate your familiarity with GeekBuddy at no cost whatsoever. Simply by going to to get your PC a GeekBuddy Health Check ABSOLUTELY FREE!

What should you do next time PC frustration strikes? Strike back!

With GeekBuddy.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

–          Glenn Scheuer

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