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If you own or help manage a small business, you confront them every day. You might politely call them “your challenges.” Or perhaps you refer to them more anxiously as “the big squeeze.” But it’s just as likely that you rear back each day and cathartically curse the hell out of them!…..No matter.

They remain the ever present chains that shackle you to this troubled economy. The oppressive bullies that make profitability problematic. The shadowy specters that can snatch away all your gains at any moment.

Over the past half decade, you’ve gotten to know them all too well: Ever rising Healthcare, Taxation and Shipping costs. Increasingly burdensome government regulations and compliance requirements. Skyrocketing rent. Exploding benefits outlays. Even escalating heating and cooling charges! Is it any wonder that Small Businesses – the stallions that, unbridled, so frequently sprint across prosperity’s finish line – are today merely running in place?

In a recent Executive Management Meeting, Comodo President, CEO, Scientist, Inventor and Modern Marketing Pioneer, Melih Abdulhayoglu summed it up this way: “Ladies and gentlemen, we can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. I choose the latter!”

That said, Mr. Abdulhayoglu proceeded to make this sweeping marketplace redirect: “Starting today, we will offer Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition to any small business with 250 or fewer computers, at reduced price points ranging from $1.27 per computer down to 80¢ per computer. Because it’s an energized small business sector that catapults an economy out of recession. And Comodo is going to be the Internet Security provider to help small business do that!”

In a word, “Revolutionary.”

Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition isn’t only the premiere Internet Security and IT Administration System available today, it is also a management console that Comodo R&D has just reimagined, specifically to better suit smaller businesses with limited IT staff. Just consider its five newest features. Innovations that allow you to:

  1. More easily transition from standalone Comodo Internet Security to a managed format.
  2. Leverage Comodo’s aggressively proactive antivirus strategy on two to two hundred and fifty computers. A unique, patent-pending strategy that combines an impenetrable and award-winning Firewall with the latest auto-sandbox technology. Technology based on a White List Strategy that only permits a continually updated list of safe files to enter your PC. The result? TOTAL virus protection.
  3. Use Comodo’s improved set-it-and-forget-it compliance engine to keep every PC clean. Whether it’s an in-office unit or a lap top on the road.
  4. Migrate more easily to centrally managed endpoint security with simplified, Web-based management, a touch-friendly interface and a policy import wizard.
  5. Take advantage of Comodo’s brand new, state-of-the-art dashboard with Active Tile “touch” interface.

And then, don’t fail consider this: Your Immense Cost Savings!

To offer small businesses the industry’s premiere security and administrative system for as many as 250 computers for as little as 80¢ a PC is astounding! Especially when you contemplate the fact that Comodo’s competitors demand $30.00 to $50.00 per computer! – Then charge even more to rid your computers of the viruses their systems let slip in to begin with!

Add the fact that Comodo’s Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition is the ONLY Internet Security and Administrative System that comes with a $5,000.00 Virus-Free Guarantee, and you can finally fully appreciate how committed Comodo is to helping Small Business lead the recovery.

And, once again, sprint across prosperity’s finish line.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

–          Glenn Scheuer

To learn more, simply visit Comodo CESM.