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Seems like it’s never been harder than it is today to turn Internet shoppers into buyers. While Web use may grow every year, many e-commerce retailers are finding that their ever more thrifty prospects are also becoming increasingly cautious about buying because they’re taking ID and Credit Card theft seriously. That’s why Comodo urges everyone to do whatever they can to boost their Web sites’ emphasis on fuzzy, warm, thoroughly relaxing SAFETY.

But good advice isn’t all we’re ready to offer. In addition, Comodo recommends every e-commerce Web site upgrade its SSL Certificate to an EV SSL. Here’s why. When a customer’s browser bar turns “EV SSL Green,” today’s Internet shoppers know they’re about to visit a Web site that has just announced that it will offer them superior customer satisfaction and muscular protection from credit card crooks and identity thieves. All thanks to ultra-secure EV SSL technology. Technology, by the way, that Comodo was instrumental in developing.

Translation: Increased sales.

But good science isn’t only about advanced technology. It’s also about advanced consumer psychology. AND making it as easy as possible for you to benefit from Comodo’s scientific results.

Which is why every e-commerce Web site with an SSL Certificate can now upgrade to a Comodo EV SSL Certificate ABSOLUTELY FREE. And that’s definitely worth learning more about.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

– Glenn Scheuer

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