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There are a lot of PC Protection, Internet Security and Trust Assurance companies out there. But while all our products are technologically driven, Comodo’s stand apart from our competitors in one very important way.

At Comodo, next generation scientific advancement is King. Not fatten-our-wallet pricing. Not annoyingly aggressive salesmanship. Not big budget ad campaigns. Not Hype in any shape or form! Why?Because Comodo knows you can’t be a leader in a cutting edge industry unless you develop, keep up with, and utilize every scientific advance. And have that quest as your focus. Every day.

That’s why so many of the world’s biggest hi-tech companies have turned to Comodo. Including NASA, Mocrosoft, IBM, Hewlitt Packard, Dupont, Xerox, GE and Intel, just to name a few.

Want more proof that Comodo is the leader that gives you, your PC, your ancillary communicative devices, your company-wide IT system and your ecommerce Web site the most advanced state-of-the-art technology? Just consider this. Comodo doesn’t just market, we invent. For instance, we were a key part of the select group that invented the EV SSL Certificate.

And many of our products feature forward-thinking R&D advances we’ve synthesized into Comodo’s own unique brand of:

The fact is, right now, Comodo R&D has nearly a dozen technology patents pending!

Is it any wonder that 3 out of 4 Comodo employees are innovators or developers, not marketing managers, sales associates, accountants or lawyers? And is it any surprise Comodo continues to grow by 50% every year? – Even though we offer more FREE products and Free Trials than just about anybody else.

“Science Not Hype.” Three watchwords Comodo lives by. You deserve no less.

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– Glenn Scheuer