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To reach any Web site, every customer on earth sends his Go To request to a regional Domain Name System Server. Better known as a DNS Server. This is a basic component of the Internet that is provided free for all customers and Web sites, worldwide.

But when one depends solely on basic DNS service, the farther away a site’s company is from a customer, the longer it takes for the site to come up on that customer’s monitor. Why? Because the company’s Regional Server is likely to be as far away from that customer as the company is.

For instance, a man in Tokyo who wants to buy a tie from the Web site of a merchant in New York, could wait up to 14 seconds for the tie store’s site to appear on his monitor! And the renowned Internet research and testing firm Forrester has calculated that 2 out of every 5 online shoppers simply don’t wait. Instead, they just start shopping elsewhere.

And when does their patience run out? BY SECOND 4 !

This is, of course, an absolutely terrifying reality for every savvy e-commerce merchant. Because it means you could be missing out on as much as 40% of your interested customer base for no reason other than “resolution lag-time.” But there is a solution., an exciting new division of Comodo International, is an Internet innovator that has assembled a vast network of closed-source servers in geo-strategic locations all around the world, specifically calibrated to diminish or eliminate resolution lag-time. servers are not only more technologically advanced, they’re impenetrable by hackers, and instantly scalable to accommodate Web sites that experience traffic spikes.

But best of all, Premium DNS from is a service just about any e-commerce site can subscribe to for as little as a dime a day! The result? Premium DNS instantly eliminates your resolution lag-time, or cuts it down to a fraction of what it used to be. And that’s likely to boost the number of customers who’ll rapidly see your site appear before them. Possibly by as much as 40%.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

– Glenn Scheuer

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